Pregnancy is one of the most crucial journeys in a woman’s life. But it is in your hands to make it either a happy journey or the worst one. When a woman gets pregnant, all the family members would help her with daily chores and pamper her. Yet the worst part is they might ask you to fall for the myths they fell for and followed for years without knowing the reason behind them. Some myths you can follow as they won’t cause a big impact while some others you can’t. In addition, the mood swings which you experience in every trimester of your pregnancy make you feel annoyed.

Here, we can see some common myths about pregnancy.

Eat for Two:

Once a woman gets pregnant, everyone around her starts advising that she has to eat for two people. It is a very common myth about pregnancy. A pregnant woman need not eat for two as she is not carrying a grown-up child in her womb. The infant would be very small in size in the first trimester. Instead of eating more, one can eat healthier food that contains folate and vitamins.

Say no to Coffee 

During pregnancy, one should not consume coffee is a myth. You can consume coffee but ensure that you are adhering to 200 milligrams of caffeine per day. This means you can consume a 12-ounce cup of coffee every day. More caffeine consumption will lead to a reduction of blood supply to the fetus as it constricts the placenta and blood vessels of the uterus.

Morning sickness occurs only in the morning:

Once you reach the end of your first trimester, you might experience nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, and tiredness. This is because your body is getting more progesterone and all the other hormones are changing for your infant’s growth. So, you seem to be tired at any time of the day. It doesn’t mean that there is only morning sickness. For some women, in the morning, it might be high but not only in the morning.

Gender Prediction by seeing the mother’s appearance

One can identify the infant’s gender just by seeing the pregnant woman’s appearance. This is an annoying myth that could make future parents come up with false assumptions. Some grandmothers say, “It is a boy” – if the woman had black spots on her face and a smaller belly and “It is a girl” – if the woman looks glowing with a bigger belly.

Should wake up earlier

If you sleep for a longer time, your baby would starve for food and cry. This is another myth. A pregnant woman needs to take an ample amount of rest her body requires. You can wake up at any time but ensure that you are taking food properly. Don’t lend your ears to people who say, “you have to wake up by 6 a.m. and should eat a bowl of food.”

The more the itching, the more hair your baby has

During pregnancy, your uterus expands as the embryo’s size increases. So, it is very common for you to scratch your belly. But if you notice, the people around you would tell you that your infant has more hair and that’s why you are getting this itchy feeling. This is simply not true.

Consuming papaya fruit is a sin

A pregnant woman can eat papaya fruit but in limited quantities. There are chances of abortion if you consume unripened papaya during early pregnancy. But you can always eat ripened papaya fruit during the whole pregnancy journey. In addition, eating papaya and pineapple in the last trimester of pregnancy helps in normal delivery by inducing oxytocin hormones.

Bottom Line

Pregnancy is a journey that has to be memorable. Try to enjoy all the blessings and pampers at this time, instead of focusing on myths about pregnancy. This is because, in the end, only a happy mommy can give birth to a happy child. The only mantra is to do whatever you like to do, without spoiling your health and your infant’s health.