For those who don’t know what cortisol is, it is an important hormone in the body, secreted by the adrenal glands and involved in the proper functioning and regulation of blood pressure, glucose metabolism, immune function, insulin release and much more. We thus need to realize the importance of this hormone and see that there is a balance in the secretion of this hormone.

If you know what triggers your stress, you will be able to manage it wisely.

Cortisol Myths Debunked

Myth 1# Cortisol Cannot be Fixed as Stress is Unavoidable

Sure stress is unavoidable but simple things like exercising, eating your meals on time and eating right will keep you on track and keep your cortisol rhythm in proper sync and flow.

Myth 2# High Hormone Causes Weight Gain

High levels can cause weight gain but so can low cortisol or the same made at the wrong times. Simple steps like getting ½ hour of sunlight within an hour of waking can help if it is too high or too low.

cortisol sun
Myth 3# Exercise Lowers the Hormone Levels

Exercise is a type of stress. It serves us best when it is challenging but not overwhelming. To understand whether it is good or bad you need to see how stable your adrenals are now and how much exercise you are already used to. Do not indulge in activities that overwhelm your body and make it think of exercise as a factor of stress.

Myth 4# Carbs are Bad for Cortisol

Your body uses this hormone to rescue you from low blood sugar. This makes carbs a tool you can use to help regulate your cortisol. Start your day with 25-35 grams of protein and finish it with 20-50 grams of high-quality carbs. You need it at both times of the day to help regulate all your hormones.

Myth 5# Cortisol is Not Important

Regulating or maintaining its levels in the body is essential to keep your energy high, your sleep good, and your metabolism strong.

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