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6 Reasons to Avoid Using Electric Blankets

6 Reasons to Avoid Using Electric Blankets

The first-ever electric blanket was invented by Samuel Irwin Russell in 1912. He devised an electrically heated pad that would be kept under the bedsheets to keep it warm during cold winter…

How to Eat Healthy as a Couple

How to Eat Healthy as a Couple?

So you have found the one! The perfect match and your significant other! Now it’s time for everyday movie nights and cheesy pizzas. In a relationship these are the best parts, couple…

Five Amazing Lifestyle Tips for Diabetic

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is fundamental for diabetic patients. If you adopt these five amazing lifestyle tips for diabetics then it will prevent or delay the risk factors. If you don’t follow…

Valentines Day Fitness Ideas

Valentine’s Day Fitness Ideas

Embrace fitness in a romantic way! Valentine’s Day is coming! What’s your Valentine’s Day plan? Your V-day may be packed with eating chocolate and delicious dinner which may be rich in fat.…

5 Ways to Beat Holiday Blues

5 Ways to Beat Holiday Blues

Feel the joy of holidays Not the gloomy holiday blues! You made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your Holiday stories may sound sorrowful at the end of the year. It can trigger…

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