Slow and steady wins the race. Studies have shown that people with more realistic goals and do not rush themselves to lose weight are usually more successful at losing weight.If you suddenly stop eating junk food all of a sudden, chances are that you will crave the same and cheat on your diet. So when you slowly make changes, you instead slowly cut down on your junk food consumption week by week.As you gradually follow these changes, they will grow onto you and become a habit.

So make the following tiny changes to your daily routine to lose more weight:

  • Food Journal-Maintain a diary of all the food you have eaten in the day, also mentioning the calories in each item. Studies have shown that people are likely to twice the amount of weight by maintaining a food journal.
  • Take the stairs-Don’t be lazy. Skip the elevator and instead head to the stairway. Climbing 2-3 floors of staircases can help in weight loss.
  • Use a pedometer-A pedometer shows you how many steps you have walked in a day, distance along with the calories lost. Its use on a daily basis encourages you to walk more. Hence, more weight loss.
  • 1-Mile rule-Do not use the car to go places within a one mile radius. Instead walk to your closest grocery store or laundry store.Remember burn those calories and not gas!
  • Ditch the juices-Opt to eat fruits instead of filling up on juices. Fruits contain more fiber and can keep you going longer. You feel fuller when you eat as compared to drinking.
  • 5 minutes more-Everyday increase your physical activity by 5 minutes. You should increase till you reach a minimum workout time of 30 minutes a day.
  • TV commercial workout-Choose to skip, hop, run and jump in between those 2-minute commercials of your favorite TV shows. The best part is you won’t even feel it much. This habit can help you love weight in a fun way.
  • Ten minutes to eat a treat-Spend an entire ten minutes to eat your treats, so that you don’t up craving for more. Bite, chew and let it languish in your mouth for several minutes, while you decide whether you really need to move on to the next bite of the treat and whether you really need those extra calories or not.
  • Get a good night rest-Even a few nights sleeplessness can result in weight gain. So relax, keep your stress at bay and turn out the lights sooner than usual. Sleep more and see the difference in your weight.
  • No frills coffee-Do not indulge in heavy cream based caffeine drinks. Instead opt for low calorie old fashioned coffee, with or without milk and sugar.A daily habit of ditching your fancy coffee’s can help you lose weight miraculously.

Adopt these small changes to your lifestyle and see the difference. You will benefit from them in the long run, with lasting results.