Thanks to the medical advancements of today; infertility is no more a major concern among couples who want a child. Yes, a procedure called in-vitro fertilization has opened the doors to pregnancy without many side effects. The process involves collecting sperms from the male and inserting them into the mature eggs of the female, letting it grow into an embryo under clinical conditions before re-inserting the embryo into the woman’s uterus.

In a situation where drugs and artificial insemination don’t work, couples tend to opt for in-vitro fertilization. Though the procedure is quite expensive for an average Indian couple, more and more people have started to overcome infertility using this method.

Age Matters
Age is one of the major factors that determine the success rate of in-vitro fertilization. As the age of the woman increases, the chances of conceiving become low because of various biological reasons. So, before you head to a fertility centre for this particular procedure, discuss the success rates with your gynecologist to be sure of pregnancy as there are chances this might give you a false hope. Similarly, a research has found that age of the mother is an important attribute in determining how healthy the fetus is.

Multiple births
To increase the chances of pregnancy, certain specialists insert two or three embryos into the uterus, which may result in multiple births. This is considered one of the most common risks of in-vitro fertilization where two or three fetuses develop inside the mother’s womb which can result in issues like low-birth weight, miscarriage, etc.

Become an embryo donor
Stepping into motherhood is a dream for many, whereas, on the other hand, there is a steep rise in the number of abortions per year. There is an option in in-vitro fertilization wherein the fertilized embryo that is not of use to the actual couple can be donated to others who are in need of it. Doing this will not only lighten up someone’s life but also can save the excess embryos from getting destroyed.

In-vitro fertilization is an incredible invention that science has gifted us with; let’s make the best use of it yet be fully enlightened on the pros and cons before actually taking the big step.