Everyone complains that technology has made our lives busier, louder, and less engaged. Parents lament that their kids are addicted to their screens and that our kids have deserted neighborhood yards in favor of video games and texting. Restaurants are filled with couples and their screen-lit faces as they wait for their dinners to arrive, and subway cars are filled with people who never look up from their phones.
But for all the complaints what people don’t realize is that technology has made parenting easier. In the past all women learnt their lessons on parenting by trial and error. Today google opens up a plethora of information to make our jobs easier.
We can find information about our babies, toddlers and older kids just at the touch of a single button.

Here are some ways technology has made life for the parents easier:

1) Grocery shopping

You get to enjoy your groceries delivered at your doorstep after you select t hem online. No hassles of taking your baby along or having to hop from store to store for what you did not get in one store.


2) PTA meetings

If you miss any meeting you get to see the minutes of the PTA by logging onto your system. Unless there is something of ultimate importance you can choose to stay and home and chart the progress of your child.

3) Party invites

Gone are the days when you had to go door to door or post invites. At the click of a button you get to send multiple invites. And the best part is that you get responses more quicker.

4) Communication

With the internet you can actually talk to other mothers and make friends in cyber world. You need not feel singled out and trapped at home with your kids. The internet can be a great place to vent and that too with like minded individuals.

work from home

5) Working

You can find a lot of jobs these days that do not require your presence in the office. So if you want to juggle both the kids and work without taking your eye off them technology offers you just that.