4 Signs that you are being a bad friend

Friendship is a two way relationship. There are times when we don’t give our best to the relationship and the worst part is that you might not even realize it. When you come to a stage when you are too comfortable with your friend you take your friendship for granted and start making tiny mistakes that are too hard to notice.

Here are some telltales signs that make you realize how bad you’re actually being to a friend:

  • Too many favors- Of course there are no formalities between friends and you can ask your friends for any number of favors. But make sure you don’t make your friends get fed up of you just because you keep being needy. Instead make your friends feel that you also will pitch in when they need help.
  • Not accepting changes in the individual- As we age and our life moves on a lot of us change. Do not always expect things to be the same between you. For example after marriage your friend might not always have the time to head out for a night out every weekend like the good old days. Accept the change otherwise it will ruin your friendship.
  • One sided conversation- We know that you want to spill your mind but don’t forget that your friend also has feelings. Don’t make your friendship only about yourself. Do not just speak. Listen!
  • Turn up late or not make plans- If you constantly have the habit of turning up late, your friends might take it that you don’t respect the relationship as much as it actually deserves to be respected. Respect your friend’s time as much as you do yours. They might have a million other things to do. Just because they always make themselves free for you doesn’t mean they don’t have a parallel life.Don’t take it for granted that your friends always make the plans when you meet. You also should take the initiative to make plans just like they do.