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5 Ways to Stay Physically Active during Self-Quarantine

Several cases of COVID-19 are being reported around the world. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many parts of the world are under lockdown. The government has ordered everyone to stay at home…

Amazing 7 Weight Loss Hacks You Should Know

7 Weight Loss Hacks That Have Nothing to Do with Diet

When it comes to losing weight, we always go for exercise and diet. Of course, physical exercise and healthy intake are mandatory but there are other weight loss hacks that you might…

Top 5 Weird skincare Routines that can do wonders

Top 5 Weird Skincare Routines That Can Do Wonders

Every woman in the world longs for perfect skin. So, many follow a skincare routine that includes cleansers, moisturizers, facials and much more. Following a skincare routine helps you prevent early aging,…

Drop a Jean Size Workout

Drop a Jean Size Workout

Drop a jean size through workout and diet control. It is not magic but you can certainly reduce weight through the workout and certain diet modifications. It is frustrating when you are…

8 Toxic Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

7 Toxic Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

There are thousands of toxic skincare ingredients in your products, which are being absorbed into your body. They affect our health and overall well being without our knowledge.       Our daily traditional skincare…

Does Tequila Really Help in Weight Loss

Does Tequila Really Help in Weight Loss?

A study conducted at the American Chemical Society back in 2014 stated that tequila induces weight loss. Now, before you get all excited about having that shot of tequila, let’s analyze if…

Top Fitness Mistakes Women Make

Top Fitness Mistakes Women Make

Avoid fitness mistakes And improve strength, performance, and health. Women love to be fit. Women know to stay fit boosts their confidence as well as promote health. Additionally, fitness helps them to…

5 Actual Reasons for Rosy Cheeks

5 Actual Reasons for Rosy Cheeks

Rosy cheeks are always considered cute and romantic, but there might be an underlying medical condition causing the same. Pink or red cheeks aren’t always because of blushing; it is important to…

What Are the Skin Signs of Thyroid Disease?

Thyroid disease and skin conditions- Thyroid levels in the body determine skin health. There are several thyroid hormone-responsive genes present in the skin. The thyroid hormone receptors in the skin regulate its effects on…

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