Everyday we come across a number of shampoos, creams, serums, and many other skincare products whose labels beam with the word vitamin C. Why is it that these brands promote the inclusion of vitamin C in their products? The reason is simple.

Vitamin C is one of the most essential nutrients responsible for good health, hair, and skin. The body is incapable of producing this vitamin on its own and hence it is essential to take dietary supplements that are loaded with this nutrient.

The most common form of vitamin C is ascorbic and ascorbate. These boost immunity and act as great antioxidants. From damage repair to faster wound healing, there are several healthy advantages in taking a diet rich in vitamin C.

Benefits of Vitamin C for Glowing Skin

As mentioned before, almost every skincare product out there is promoted with the presence of vitamin C in it. Consuming a good amount of vitamin C in your daily diet increases the elasticity of your skin, reduces wrinkles thus delaying ageing, reduces dark circles, improves complexion, and allows free blood circulation for glowing skin. Along with a proper diet, usage of vitamin C included creams as sunscreen or night lotion prove extremely beneficial.

Vitamin C produces collagen which is responsible for reducing free radical damage, ultimately repairing dull, chapped skin and increasing tissue elasticity.

Benefits of Vitamin C for Lustrous Hair

With increasing responsibilities at home and work, travelling, aging, hair loses its natural texture becoming rough, dull, and dry. Vitamin C has proven to be a great repairing agent in bringing back the lustrousness. Similarly, hair fall due to dandruff is another biggest concern that is worrying youngsters these days. Proper inclusion of vitamin C in the diet through fruits like papaya, orange, bell peppers, chilli peppers, etc is essential for reducing hair damage due to flaky dandruff.

Benefits of Vitamin C for Overall Health

Vitamin C is great in boosting immunity and overall health of individuals. By regulating blood flow, it increases metabolism and serves as the best antioxidants in fighting life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. It also acts as a muscle degenerator and combats allergies, and fungal infections.

Adequate amounts of Vitamin C intake can benefit us in several ways than one. Hence, make it a point to include as much as this nutrient in your daily diet for a healthy living.