Missing the period is a primary sign that you might be pregnant. In that case, you can consider a home pregnancy test as soon as possible. After taking a home pregnancy test, your anticipation turns to confusion when you spot a faint line on a pregnancy test. What does it mean? Let’s look at the reason why you have a faint line on the pregnancy test.

Common Reasons for Faint Lines on Pregnancy Tests

What Does A Faint Line On A Pregnancy Test Mean?

Understanding faint pregnancy test results is important to know whether you are pregnant or not. A pregnancy test detects the presence of hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) hormone. Your body produces an excess amount of this hormone If you are pregnant. Sometimes, the faint positive lines in test results create a lot of confusion in your mind. A few explanations for analyzing faint lines on pregnancy test strips are listed below. 

You Are Pregnant 


When your pregnancy progresses, the hCG level in your body automatically increases and it detects the test more easily. If your home pregnancy test result shows a distinguishable positive line, there is a possibility that you are pregnant.

In a few instances, the positive lines look faded. That means it can be caused because of low levels of hCG hormone. If you see a faint positive result on a pregnancy test, you are almost certainly pregnant. 

You can also see a faint positive line when you drink too much liquid. Drinking a lot of water or beverages before a pregnancy test leaves you a faint positive line. On the other hand, all pregnancy tests will not be accurate. So, you must repeat the pregnancy test and check to get a more correct result.

A lot of questions run in your mind when you are pregnant. Here are some myths of pregnancy debunked. 

You Are Not Pregnant 

Another significance of the faint positive line in pregnancy testing is that you are not pregnant. Sometimes, it is an evaporation line instead of a positive pregnancy. It appears in the test result when urine evaporates from the stick. You may mistakenly think that you are pregnant when a faint evaporation line is visible on the test result. 

It is difficult to determine when a faint line is an evaporation line or a positive. After several minutes of test results, an evaporation line appears on the test window. Hence, it is essential to read and understand the instructions when you take a home pregnancy test. Make sure to check the test results at an appropriate time to avoid further confusion. Don’t miss out on these natural foods to strengthen the uterus for pregnancy. 

Early Pregnancy Loss 

A faint positive line can be a sign of chemical pregnancy that happens within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy or an early miscarriage. Your test shows a faint positive line when you take a home pregnancy test after miscarriage. You may experience bleeding that is similar to menstrual cycle or light cramping. Bleeding can occur around your next period so you never know about miscarriage. Follow these tips for a healthy pregnancy. 

What Does a Faint Line on a Pregnancy Test Look Like? 

Each pregnancy test varies based on brands using blue dye and red dye. For a blue dye test, a faint line will look light blue, whereas a red dye test will produce a light pink line. Based on the pregnancy test you use, you can see a line or two or plus or minus in the window that reveals the results. 

Tips for Accurate Interpretation of Test Results

Tips for Accurate Interpretation of Test Results

  • Read and check the instructions carefully. Each pregnancy test is different. Also, some tests are more sensitive than others. So, reading the information pamphlet to know how your test works well is necessary. 
  • Avoid storing the test in damp and warm areas like your bathroom. You can store the test in dry places. 
  • You must take your pregnancy test in the morning. It’s the time when your hCG levels are more concentrated. 

If you are unsure about the faint lines during your pregnancy test, you can do another home test in a few days. Another option is you can consult a doctor and take a blood sample or urine test to determine whether you are pregnant or not. 

FAQs about Faint Lines on Home Pregnancy Tests

Some of the common FAQs about faint lines on a pregnancy test are listed below. 

Does a faint positive become darker as it dries? 

In most cases, the lines on a pregnancy test do not get darker when they dry. The lines become faint or dark based on the level of hCG detected. You can check the result at the recommended time mentioned in the test instructions to avoid further confusion. 

How long after a faint positive do you need to test again? 

If you followed the instructions carefully, you took the test early in your pregnancy. When you see a faint line and are not sure whether you are pregnant or not, wait for a few days and take the test again. 

Is a faint line on the pregnancy test common? 

If you are not pregnant, it is rare to see a faint line. The faintest line means that you are pregnant. However, it’s worth doing another test again.