Love running? There is good news for you. Strength workouts and Jogging for cardio may have the same health benefits.

Everyone doesn’t prefer running, while some love it. Running is good for heart health and is a common form of cardiovascular exercise. Running is easy and cheap. A recent study out of the University of Pristina in Kosovo has discovered that bodyweight workouts are just as effective a form of cardio as running.

 Not everyone begins a new workout plan in search of slim abs or bigger biceps. Many people hate running, and they feel it is tough. One of the studies was published in 2014 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. In this study, over 55,000 people took part in running exercise. Runners had a thirty percent lower risk of death than non-runners.

Strength Workouts and Jogging

According to researchers at the University of Pristina, it makes no difference to your health whether you do strength workouts like bodyweight exercises or jogging for cardio.

57 students participated in an experiment and divided into three groups. One group did endurance training on a treadmill, the second one participated in strength-based training, and the last group did no physical activity. Both first and second groups who exercised lost weight including lower body fat measurements at the end of the research.

The researchers analyzed the data and concluded that both kinds of exercise have shown similar results and are equally beneficial for your cardiovascular system. If you want to do a bodyweight session at home instead of going for a run, you are still doing something healthy for your heart.

As reported by U Miami, participating in regular moderate or vigorous aerobic exercise can increase its longevity of heart health and keep it healthy. Activities like cycling, swimming, and dancing are also effective ways to maintain a healthy heart.

Cardio health benefits include strengthening your heart and muscles; helps control your appetite, burning calories, and better sleep.