There is always a lot of talk going on about left-handedness. Many believe that left-handed individuals are more intellectual than the right-handed. Some studies state that this is a myth and others emphasize that it’s a fact. Only 10% of the world’s total population is left-handed. However, this group of people still find problems while operating certain things that are designed with right-handed people in mind. To resolve this issue, more and more manufacturers are designing products, like kitchen appliances, which can easily be used by lefties. So if you wish to know the answer to the question, “Are left-handed people smarter?” continue reading this blog!

How Are Some People Left-Handed?

Left-Handed Man - Are Left-Handed People Smarter

It is said that the right or left-handedness of a person is determined well before their birth, while they are in the mother’s womb. Depending on the differences between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the hand preference of a child is decided. According to several researches, the handedness of an individual depends on several factors, such as heredity, environment, etc.

In left-handed people, the right brain (or the right hemisphere of the brain) is more dominant than the left. 

How Were Left-Handed People Treated in Ancient Times?

Lefties in Ancient Times

In the Middle Ages, there was a lot of discrimination between right and left-handed individuals. People with left-handedness were not treated with respect when compared to the righties. Left-hand preference was associated with witchcraft among women.

However, over the centuries, the approach towards lefties has changed, and today, they are usually associated with increased intelligence and better decision-making skills

How Does the Brain of a Leftie Differ from That of a Rightie?

A Leftie’s Brain

As discussed earlier, in a leftie, the brain’s right hemisphere is more dominant. But what other changes can we find in the brain of a leftie? Let’s take a look at the brain functions of a leftie.

Scientists state that the corpus callosum of a leftie is larger than that of a rightie. The corpus callosum is the region that connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It acts as a conduit that permits the flow of information from the left hemisphere to the right and vice versa. The difference between right and left-handedness is caused by the size of the corpus callosum. However, future studies need to be conducted to understand more differences in the brains of left and right-handed people.

Now that you have an idea about why certain people are born with left-handed traits, let’s take a deeper look at the answer to the question, “Are left-handed people smarter?” 

Unique Characteristics of Left-Handed Individuals

Leftie Characteristics

People have always associated left-handedness with a higher IQ. But is this true? Come on, let’s discuss the unique characteristics of left-handed people!

Lefties are adept at “divergent thinking,” a process out of which creative ideas are born. Hence, they are considered to be more creative as well as innovative. Some studies claim that lefties have better intuition than righties. Did you know that lefties are also better at daydreaming? This might be another reason for their enhanced creativity (many ideas are born from daydreaming)! 

1. Good at Sports

Good at Sports

Many sportspersons are lefties, especially in games, like tennis, where one opponent faces the other. For example, take Rafael Nadal, who has won several Grand Slam titles in tennis. You will also find that lots of other sports celebrities are left-handed!

2. Excellent Artists

Excellent Artists

Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci are prime examples of left-handed people who have excelled in art. But we cannot say that all left-handed individuals are good at art! 

Did you know that actor, Keanu Reeves, is left-handed? This Canadian actor’s skills know no bounds, and his acting career spans over 4 decades! He has several awards and accolades to his credit. However, in addition to being a leftie, Reeves has excelled in his field because of his dedication, hard work, and perseverance! Let’s look at more skills to find the answer to the query, “Are left-handed people smarter?”

3. Better Verbal Skills

Are Left-Handed

It’s a general notion that cognitive skills are better in lefties. As far as language skills are concerned, the left and right hemispheres of the brain are better coordinated in lefties. So lefties might have better verbal skills when compared to right-handed people. Again, this is true in the opinions of some scientists, and more research is required to prove that this theory is valid.

James Baldwin, who was a great author, was left-handed. He has received several awards and accolades for his novels, essays, and poems. 

4. Good at Hearing

Are Left-Handed People Smarter with Listening Skills

Lefties are better off at hearing slow-changing sounds. The left hemisphere of the brain has control over the right hand, and vice versa. The left hemisphere is better at hearing sounds that change quickly, such as consonants. However, the right hemisphere, which controls the left hand, is more adept at hearing intonation and syllables, which are slow-changing.

5. Typing Skills

Are Left-Handed People Smarter with Typing Skills

A majority of words on the QWERTY-layout keyboards are typed using the left hand. This makes lefties faster at typing when compared to righties. Thus, in jobs involving typing skills, left-handed people fare better than their right-handed counterparts.

Do Lefties Possess Better Spatial Ability?

Are Left-Handed People Smarter with Spatial Ability

Yes! Lefties possess better spatial ability than righties.

Spatial ability is the art of understanding the sizes, shapes, and movements of objects. It is a skill required to excel in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) domains. Lefties have better spatial ability than righties because of the enhanced connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Therefore, lefties are able to perform better in the STEM domains. Must Read: Study on Spatial Ability from the National Library of Medicine.

The Bottom Line

Ongoing Debate

There is always a hot debate going on among people regarding the skills of lefties vs. righties. While there has been a lot of research being done about the enhanced skills of lefties in various fields when compared to their right-handed counterparts, we cannot conclude by saying that left-handed people are smarter than their opposites. 

Lefties indeed possess certain skills that outsmart righties by considering some celebrities and their exceptional gifts. However, we must have more data while considering the two groups. And, we mustn’t forget the fact that only 10% of the world’s population is comprised of lefties. In addition, there are numerous right-handed people with immense talent in various areas. So more studies have to be conducted in this area concerning lefties vs. righties.

Therefore, if you ask us, “Are left-handed people smarter?” our answer is “They might be, but a lot more research is essential in the future to conclude.”