We all have our moments of craving or sudden hunger pangs that call for immediate snacks. Of course a trip to Dunkin or Mc Donald’s is just a ride way but then think of all the unwanted pounds you will be gaining that way and the unhealthy choices you will be tempted to gulp down.
The key is to always stock your office drawer with healthy non-perishable food for these sudden cravings or pangs.
Here are some options you can stash in your drawer:

1) Nuts
Nuts are high in fiber, protein and Omega-3. They take time to digest and keep you fuller longer, not to mention the other health benefits of eating them.

Dark Chocolate
2) Dark chocolate
For those who have a sweet tooth this is a great way to snack. Dark chocolate is not too high in terms of calories and can do wonders to lift your mood. Studies have shown that it also helps in reducing blood pressure.

Pop Corn at work
3) Popcorn
This is a great snack when you mindlessly want to munch something. Popcorn packs in very little calories.

4) Jerky
This is high in protein and fiber and takes time to chew and swallow. It is hard to over eat this road trip staple.

Dry Fruits
5) Dried fruit
It is so convenient to eat fruit this way. It contains only the fruit minus the water content so you get to enjoy all the nutrients of the fruit.
You can choose to snack on dried peaches, apricot, grapes and more…

6) Nut butter with fruit
Nut butter is a healthy source of protein and if you eat them with fruit like apples that can stay for longer periods in your desk you will be satisfied for longer periods of time.

7) Roasted lentil
Roasted lentils that are seasoned well before roasting like chickpeas or petite yellow lentils will give you that crunch, along with high protein and fiber that curb your appetite. You can make them yourself at home or opt for the prepackaged variety which is just as good.

Peanut Butter Balls
8) Peanut butter balls
These balls are easy to make. Simply mix peanut butter with some powdered nuts, seeds and milk solids and shape into balls. Freeze overnight for it to set.
They are full of protein and will keep you full, keeping unhealthycravings at bay.

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