Do I need Calcium Supplement?

Doctors believed that taking calcium supplements helped patients to regain their bone health. They advised older people and post menopausal women supplemental calcium to maintain bone health. Our teeth and bones are dense with calcium. Ageing and menopause cause calcium depletion leading to weaker bones. Boosting the bones with calcium supplement seemed to be a sensible option. But now studies have shown that there are no proven benefits of taking calcium. Also excess calcium intake can cause cardiovascular disease, kidney stones.

Take natural calcium

There is no second thought that calcium is an essential mineral. It helps in developing bones and to maintain it stronger. Also calcium is important for vascular contraction, muscle function and for gesticulating hormones. The recommended dietary allowance for calcium is 1000mg/day for women up to age and 1200mg for older people. However, it is safe to get your calcium through dietary sources.

Supplement calcium help in minimising bone fractures

After a study it is proved that there is no results showing that calcium supplements decrease incidence of fractures.
And further proved that calcium supplement can prevent fractures in premenopausal women. Also there is no enough evidence to report larger doses can prevent fractures.

Why dietary calcium is better than supplements

Supplements can cause kidney stones and cardio vascular disease in taking supplements. Dietary calcium can is absorbed and processed in a better manner. Women who have diet loaded with dietary calcium have healthy bones. Also they hardly developed kidney stones.

Things to keep in mind while taking dietary calcium

While taking calcium there is one thing that you should be careful about. Oxalic and phytic acids in certain foods lash with calcium and hinder its absorption. Hence it is important to take calcium from different dietary sources. It could be dairy products, or greens or nuts. It is wise to add all sources of calcium in the diet in equal amounts.

Who can take calcium supplement?

Patients can take supplements if their body is unable to process dietary calcium. Also it is useful when it is taken to fill a particular nutrient loss that cannot be met by food intake.

How to include calcium in your diet?

Create a list of dietary food that is rich in calcium.
Make sure that you include them in your diet everyday
Check that you are taking vitamin D rich food along with calcium for better absorption

Some of the foods that is rich in calcium

Sardines and Canned Salmon
Beans and Lentils
Whey Protein
Some Leafy Greens

Food rich in Vitamin D

Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, and salmon
Vitamin D fortified beverages and cereals
Beef liver
Egg yolks


Calcium is an important mineral that our body needs everyday.  But one has to be sceptical about taking calcium supplements as it can cause many health issues. Also taking calcium in the supplement form will not be absorbed properly in our body.  Hence it is always better to go for a natural form of vitamins and minerals by taking it through our daily diet.