Iron is the most important nutrient that our body needs to function properly. It helps in transporting oxygen throughout the body.

It is usually found that people with iron deficiency are people who are vegetarians. I guess vegetarians don’t know of the sources of power packed iron rich ingredients that contain more iron than meat.

Here are some vegetarian foods that have more iron than meat:

1) Pistachio

This crunchy snack will boost your iron intake in minutes. It has the highest iron content as compared to its other nutty counterparts.


2) Sesame seeds

These nutty seeds popularly used in the Middle East and Asia added to main dishes; salads and more will help you get the daily prescribed dose easily.

seasame seeds

3) Kale

You can never have enough reasons to love kale. It is high in fiber, has zero calories and last but not least is loaded with iron and other power ingredients.


4) Figs

Figs are a great way to pack in the iron. This is ideal for those who love everything sweet. It doesn’t contain too many calories and so it is perfect to get nutrients without gaining any weight.


5) Lentils

Lentils are power packed with iron and protein. You can add them to grains or include them in soups.


6) Liquorice

Sweet tuff can also be good for packing nutrients and Liquorice is a great example of that.


7) Tofu

Protein rich and low in fat, tofu contains a lot of iron. Add it to your burger or even use it to create adelicious dessert.