Separation anxiety is a state and phase where a child fears being separated from his parents. This usually corresponds with tears, bawling and nightmares. Kids think that their parents, their source of comfort is leaving them and won’t come back. They do not understand or comprehend that you will be back and that leaving them is just for a short period.

For those who are facing this for the first time, this time can be very distressing both for the parent as well as the baby. But believe me when I say that this phase is very normal and will pass as soon as your child realizes that you are not abandoning him or her.

This anxiety can go on for days, weeks or even months.

Here are a few tips that will make separation Anxiety Easier

Start Early

The key is to help your child practice being with others after they reach 6 months of age. They need to get used to the world without you being around. If they get comfortable with the environment, it will be really easy to deal with separation anxiety.


Keep the Goodbye’s Short

Prolonging the departure gives your child the idea that there’s something to be afraid of. Do not reappear in between unless you want your child to cry longer and harder.

Match Your Body Language with Your Words

If you expect your child to be brave and not worry about the separation then you also have to show it in your attitude, words and body language. Be confident and cheerful in your goodbyes. If she senses the confidence of you leaving her with the person then she also will warm up to that person sooner.

Never Sneak Away

Parents should never leave their children unattended and sneak away. It will create anxiety in kids. You must always leave them with the caretaker, babysitter, or guardian and ensure the child feels safe and better.


Do not worry this is just a phase and will pass sooner than you think.