What Is Detox Flush?

Detox flush is the process of eliminating free radicals  from the body. It involves fasting and specific diet programs. Detox flush usually lasts for a day or two and sometimes longer than that. Fasting is an important part of any detox method. Detox process gives the body digestive system some rest. The body refreshes after the cleansing process.

How Toxins Get in Our Body?

Toxins get into our body through the food we take and through the environment and lifestyle. they may become more toxic or less toxic depending on the enzymes it get in contact with. Apart from these stress plays a major role in building toxins in the body.

How Our Body Removes Toxins from the Body?

Our body can remove toxins by itself. The food we take gets digested, nutrients absorbed and the waste gets eliminated. these are wastes like heat, carbon dioxide, sweat, urine and feces. By the process of excretion our body maintains homeostasis- stability of physiological processes.

How Does Detox Flush Work?

A detox diet contains simple food or liquid packed with essential nutrients. Fasting is common in every detox program. This helps the digestive system to rest, soothe and rejuvenate. A detox flush is capable of removing toxins from various organs and system. Blood, liver, kidney, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system gets replenished after a detox cleansing.

Steps Involved in Detox Flush

1. Fasting

Fasting let your digestive system take a break from its everyday activity. It also helps in reviving the body cells to make them more energetic.  They work with more efficiency after the cleansing process.

2. Liver Stimulation

Detox diet contains fruit juices, healthy beverages, black coffee and detoxifying teas. These foods improve the physiological and nerve activities in the liver. This results in better functioning of the liver.

3. Removing Toxins

The diet includes food that will bind the free radicals and toxins and cut them from the body

4. Improving Blood Circulation

The removal of toxins, waste and bad cholesterol from the bloodstream. This aids in proper circulation of blood without any hindrance.

5. Feeding the Body Healthy Nutrients

The body needs essential nutrients at this stage. It provides easy to digest as well as power packed essential nutrients

Detox Flush Good or Bad?

Detox flush is a good and healthy practice. It eliminates toxins through detox diet instead of chemicals and medicines.

How Do I Know That I Need Detox Flush?

Our body is our own diagnostic system. It exhibits symptoms like it does for most of the diseases when you need a detox flush. Track symptoms like acne, pimples, constipation and mild infections.  Also check for digestive disturbances, skin disease. Do you know that clogged up system can be a reason for irregular periods? Also if you will need a body cleanse if you suffer from dull skin, body odour, bad breath.

Who Can Do Detox Flush?

There is no age or gender limitation for a detox flush except infants. Pregnant women and nursing mothers need to avoid any body cleansing programs. Detox flush is not for  patients suffering from cancer and other digestive disorder. Patients who are under medication should consult with doctor before detox cleanse. 

What Are the Benefits of Detox Cleanse?

  1. Elevated energy levels
  2. Enhanced sleep
  3. Bright and healthy skin
  4. Better digestion
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Improved blood circulation

How Detox Flush Induces Weight Loss

A detox flush aids in losing weight when your are on a controlled diet and exercise. Detox cleansing makes your digestive system hale and healthy. It boosts the body’s metabolism by kick starting the cells to work more. the diet you follow may be less of essential nutrients. But the specific diet in a detox flush regime makes sure that the body gets the nutrients it needs. 


Detox flush is a natural method to cleanse your body, blood stream and internal organs. It removes harmful chemicals and toxins through fasting and diet. It can be a one day regime or more depending on the diet method you follow. A typical detox diet contains vegetables, fruits, water, teas, herbs, fruit juices.  Some people add supplements while on detox diet. But, it is not advisable during pregnancy, lactation and in certain illnesses. Detox cleanse helps to improve body energy. It enhances the functions of various organs. Is detox flush improves the body’s metabolism. it is a valuable addition while following a weight loss regime.