It is very important to exercise during your pregnancy. It is beneficial to both the mom and the baby. For the mother it lowers the risk of developing pregnancy related diabetes and for the baby it helps in increasing brain development, and reducing the risk of obesity.

Here are 5 moves that are perfect to perfect in your pregnancy :

1. Yoga

Yoga will help with joint flexibility, limit your chances of injuries, and work on total body toning and will also help in maintaining your mental clarity and focus.
You should practice yoga that can be incorporated into your prenatal classes and moves that are safe for you and your baby.

pregexrcs12. Elliptical

This machine offers full range of motion for your legs, sans the heavy impact that comes with running on pavement or a treadmill making it a great cardio workout for moms-to-be.
If you don’t own this piece of equipment or a gym membership you can go for a brisk walk instead.

prgex3. Planks

With your elbows on the floor directly beneath your shoulders, hold your body in a straight line. If that’s too difficult, try moving onto your hands, in push-up position. Focus on your breathing, squeezing your glutes, and pulling your shoulder blades toward your back pockets.

This will work on total body endurance while toning your core, upper body and legs which you’ll need throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Just make sure you keep your spine straight.

4. Swimming

Whether it’s a few laps in the pool or a low-intensity water aerobics class, water is great for adding resistance to a full-body workout or cardio session. The best part is that because your weight is supported by the water, your joints are protected from impact.

pregexrcs25. Bodyweight exercises

You can continue to do basic strength training movessuch as squats, push-ups, rows, raises, and curls during pregnancy. Strength training will make it easier for you to lose the baby weight and get back into shape after pregnancy.