There is a very thin line between being on a diet and being deprived of nutrition. If you are in the belief that one diet can meet all your nutritional needs, then you are in for a roller coaster ride. Find out the diet trend for 2022 now. 

Latest Trending Diets

Find out the most popular diets that actually work and the diets that look good on social media. The only thing common between the diet trends for 2022 is, they all avoid processed food and sugar as much as possible.

Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is based on consuming both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods that are naturally available in a particular region. This includes foods that can be obtained through hunting and gathering rather than farming. These are the most expensive diets even though food can be sourced locally. The absence of dairy and grains can impact health adversely for vegetarians.

Keto Diet

80% of the Keto diet is made of fats. The body is eventually forced to burn fat instead of carbs.  While you can reduce weight at a faster pace under a Keto diet, you will regain more than you lost once you stop the diet. The diet can cause flu, headache, lowered metabolism, upset stomach/mid,  and other long-term complications like kidney stones and liver damage.

Vegan Diet

This is one of the top food trends in 2022. The diet rejects most food items on the face of the planet, makes visiting restaurants a nightmare, and puts individuals at risk of vitamin and calcium deficiencies. The diet can aggravate depression too. Find out about a Pegan (Paleo + Vegan) diet in detail here.

The MIND Diet

This baby boomer diet has the advantage of reducing Alzheimer’s, dementia, cognitive impairments, and other mental health complications. The DASH diet is required to reduce sodium intake and Mediterranean diets are one of the tastiest and most nutritious diets, removing the sodium content in this makes them the easiest and most cost-efficient diet to follow. This is one of the easy diets that work fast when coupled with strength and cardio-based workouts. 

Cleanse Diets

These are by far the worst diets online, dubbed as the best diet for weight loss. There are organs in the human body to cleanse stuff. The baseless diet has attracted several diet-conscious individuals. People on this diet rely on a particular juice for a day to meet their nutrition needs and cleanse their bodies at the same time. 

Intermittent Fasting

This is one of the top diet trends of 2022. The term is interchangeably used with several other diets. Many “health freaks” have admitted to using this method during “cheat days” to balance their consumption. 

There are several ways to take up intermittent fasting (IF). For example, you can either fast for an entire day in a particular week, or fast for 8-16 hours at a stretch in an intermittent fashion. IF helps you lose weight faster if you find out what works for your body, schedule, and needs. 

Diet Trends for 2022

Most of the diet trends for 2022 have just evolved out of famous 2021 diet trends. Here are the key points you need to understand before planning an effective diet:

  • Find out your deficiencies and allergies
  • Set simpler and healthier goals
  • Be mindful of the budget requirements
  • Make note of both physical and emotional changes
  • Get professional guidance if you are planning an intense diet

Lastly, there is no diet that fits all. You may need to customize your diet to suit both internal and external factors. There is nothing wrong with changing the rules a bit if they make you healthier.