What is a DASH diet for high BP? What are all the tasty recipes you are allowed to eat on this diet? Find out the facts behind this beginner-friendly diet.

What Is a DASH Diet?

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The diet is predominantly suggested for individuals suffering from hypertension (High BP). The diet focuses on reducing the intake of salt, sugar, and fat. Salt and cholesterol are considered to be primary triggers of high BP. 

High BP is also associated with low to no physical activity and a family history of chronic diseases that affect the kidney, heart, diabetes, and hormonal problems.

What Foods Are Not Allowed In a DASH Diet?

An average American consumes around 3400mg of salt per day. In a DASH diet menu for high BP, the limit is reduced to 2300mg to regulate the pressure levels. Sweets will be reduced to one tablespoon of sugar/jam per week. While oils have a limit of one teaspoon to two tablespoons per day depending on the fat content. Only 6 ounces of meat will be allowed per day. Find out why the DASH diet food list limits these foods below:

Why Does Salt Cause Hypertension?

Salt as such does not cause high BP. The human body needs water to wash down the sodium absorbed. Consuming a high sodium diet on a regular basis will increase water retention in the body. This in turn will affect the blood vessels and the heart by inflicting stress.  

Why Does Sugar Cause Hypertension?

Nitric oxide is essential for the body to maintain the flexibility of blood vessels. The uric present in sugar can affect the level of nitric oxide in the body contributing to a rise in blood pressure. 

Why Does Cholesterol Cause Hypertension? 

Fat generally deposits inside blood vessels across the body. They get harder with time blocking the blood vessels. The heart copes up with this damage by increasing the speed of blood flow, ultimately resulting in High BP.  

Beginners Guide to DASH Diet for High BP

For a DASH diet, for hypertension to work out, you need to increase the intake of calcium, magnesium, protein, fiber, and potassium. Apart from the adobe mentioned restrictions, the DASH is very inclusive and is the best diet for beginners. Here is a seven-day DASH diet meal plan for you.


How does a pita sandwich with chicken or salmon sound? They are pretty easy to cook or order online. Plus, you don’t have to hate your Monday mornings because you will have something to look forward to.


Indulge in a rich Indian cuisine with chickpea curry or other lean protein curries made with sodium-free spices right at home.


Cook some lean meat and relish with a cup of mixed greens, and cucumber slices to maintain the spirit of dieting.


How about some turkey pita sandwich and a side of canned white beans to prepare the system for a weekend blast? 


When the going gets tough, the tough get going. There is no need to have a cheat day in a DASH diet because you can have your way with a chicken wrapped stuffed with low-fat mayonnaise and other veggies of choice. 


Chomp down on an avocado toast or red rice with Tzatziki for the Saturday brunch. Enjoy the splendors of a vegetarian meal with a side of nut butter bites.


Weekends call for something tasty! Treat yourself to a creamy lemon shrimp pasta or go full out on a noodle less lasagna. Pleasure your tastebuds without compromising on your health 

Apart from the above-listed lunch recipes, you can also add raspberries, low-fat greek yogurt,  fruit salads, summer salads, hummus, chia seeds, honey, peanut butter, nuts, grated veggies, figs, little cheese, and other low fat/trans free items to you DASH diet for high BP beginners menu. 

Disadvantages of a DASH Diet for High BP

Since the diet requires you to cut back on sodium, artificial/ added sugar, and other types of processed foods, it may be really difficult to eat food. The palates need to adjust to the new taste to make the food seem tasty to consume.   

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