Do you need a personalized diet? Absolutely! But do you need your diet tailored by an app? Find out the cost, pros, and cons of top apps and popular diets now. 

Types of Diets

According to Wikipedia, there are eight different types of diet:

  • Belief Diet

Belief diets based on religious objectives like:

  • Jain diet: Vegetarians who avoid garlic and onions. 
  • Islamic diet: Only halal food.
  • Kosher diet: Foods permitted by the Jewish dietary law, Kashrut.
  • Calorie Control Diet

Calories have become a nightmare for thousands of people. There are several calorie control diets such as low fat, high fiber, high protein, bodybuilding diet, weight loss diet, and more.

  • Crash Diet

Wedding season, new job, pandemic weight gain? Crash diets have become an instant remedy. Acute changes in the usual diet or going hungry until you drop often give the desired result at the cost of your health.

  • Detox Diet

The New Year resolution detox diets are for glowing skin, internal cleansing after a trip, or managing withdrawal symptoms. The primary goal of this diet is to flush out toxic and harmful contents of the human body.

  • Medical Diet

Based on the medical condition or ailment, doctors often put people on medical diets to control the side effects of the disease or the medication consumed. DASH diet, Keto, elimination diet, etc., fall into this category.

  • Fad Diet

Popular diets introduced by nutritionists, celebrities, trainers having a field day on social media fall into this category. Gluten-free, paleo, specific food, intermittent fasting, liquid, and detoxification diets fall under this category. They can cause extreme damages if not followed properly.

  • Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian diet includes fruitarian, Lacto-vegetarian, eggetarian, and vegan diets.

  • Others

Any other diet that excludes staples, natural sugars, based on a particular group of people, lifestyle, climate, etc., falls under this category.

Personalized Diet Apps 

Are personalized diets apps yet another way for corporates to milk innocent people who want to be healthy and fit? To answer this debatable question, find out how these top-rated apps work, according to Forbes and Healthline: 

#Lose It 

Lose It analyzes the age, weight, health, and suggests diet plans. It also has a feature where you can enter the details or images of the food you consume. Lose It app has millions of options when it comes to food plans and restaurants. Plus, it can sync with Google Fit and Apple Health too. 

Lose It app has a free version. You can access premium features at a yearly payment of $39.99 or $9.99 per month. The only problem is, it doesn’t follow up with your vitamin and mineral intake.


This personalized diet app differs from Lose It in a few ways:

  • Fewer restaurants
  • Lots of recipes 
  • Can scan the nutritional intake for packaged food with barcodes.
  • Plus, you can connect with other users to share. 
  • It can sync with other fitness apps like Strava, FitBit, Jawbone UP, Gramin. You can subscribe for $49.99 p.a or $9.99p.m. The only issue with this app is, it is time-consuming and not accurate.


This app aims at bodybuilding. With tailored meal plans based on age, weight, goals, and time for a workout. 8fit has a combination of 5 to 20-minute workouts with supporting meal ideas to aid in healthy bodybuilding. The basic version of the app is free. You can access the full version of the app with more customized meal plans for $80 a year, $60 for half a year, or $25 a month. 

#Noom Diet

Noom is the rage at present. The personalized diet app is climbing the ladder to success among fitness enthusiasts, people looking for weight loss or bodybuilding because:

  • While most apps concentrate on the diet, Noom respects the human side of things. The personalized diet app needs you to answer questions relating to your weight, health risks, age, gender, and fitness goals. It also enquires about any incident that has resulted in drastic weight gain or loss.
  • Noom is not a free app. There is a two-month trial period after which you can subscribe to the app for $66.35 p.m or $199 p.a. Or choose from other plans if you have short goals.
  • Noom diet app requires you to take up ten brief psychology and behavioral classes to help you decide on your fitness plans for the next 16 weeks. A personal goal coach will advise you based on your progression every two weeks.
  • Noom categorizes food into three categories, red for high-calorie foods like meat, full-fat, and processed, yellow for medium-calorie foods like legumes and dairy products, and green for low-calorie foods like veggies, fruits, and whole grains. It customizes a meal plan based on your preferences and goal for every 16 weeks.
  • Though Noom aims at long-term weight loss, it is expensive and requires the utmost commitment from users. 

DNA Weight Loss

Most of you would have come across people who consume very little and still be obese or across, lean people who eat three times more than an average human. DNA and psychological reasons are the main factors that influence your weight and fitness. 

Researchers have developed a DNA weight loss system to customize a meal plan that will work out for your body. In the end, your genes, your investment, and your determination are also important factors.  

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