Create your own natural cough remedies at home because the cough is common and very irritating. If we suffer from a slightly tickly throat, we start looking for simple home remedies. Constant coughing can often leave your chest aching. There are many possible causes of coughs including allergies, infections, and acid reflux. These natural cough suppressants can help.

But you should also do a lot of research before using these home remedies because some herbs may interfere with the medications and can cause unwanted side effects.

Try These 6 Effective and Natural Cough Suppressants for Instant Relief

1. Ginger

Some anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger will relieve cough, nausea, pain, and can free the airways instantly. Make yourself a soothing ginger tea by adding 20 grams of fresh ginger slices in a cup of warm water and have it regularly. You can even add lemon or honey to spice it up a little.

2. Turmeric Milk

The doctor suggests that you need to drink a glass of milk with ½ teaspoon of turmeric twice a day to get instant relief from cough and all types of cold. You can also add garlic to the mix and drink.

Simply boil a clove of garlic and then add in a pinch of turmeric to it as the best natural cough remedy.

3. Bromelain

Took you by surprise? Yes, pineapples are effective when it comes to cough. The Bromelain that comes from pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties that break down mucus and removes it from the throat.

4. Honey Tea

According to research, honey may relieve coughs. To use it effectively, mix 2 teaspoons of honey with herbal tea or warm water and drink twice a day.

5. Black Pepper

Black pepper is the simplest home remedy for coughing. Add ½ teaspoon of black pepper with ghee and have it on full stomach three times a day for best results.  

6. Salt – Water Gargle

Last but not least, this simple remedy is one of the best natural cough remedies. Saltwater helps with sore throat, wet cough, dry cough and more.

Stir half a teaspoon of salt into a cup of hot water until it dissolves. Gargle the water a few times a day until the cough goes away.

Note: Avoid giving saltwater to children as they may not know how to gargle. Drinking saltwater could be dangerous.