Alcohol is a beverage prepared from the fermentation of fruits, grains, and other food commodities. It is considered one of the most famous beverages around the world, with a huge number of the population consuming the drink on a regular basis. Consuming alcohol is a normal practice, but the same cannot be entertained if a person exceeds the limit. Heavy consumption of this beverage can lead to several health conditions, and even be fatal at times. 

What makes alcohol bad for health?

Alcohol is a highly diffusible beverage that results in toxic consequences on the body. It is also considered carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, so it is always advised to reduce the consumption of alcohol. 

Alcohol breakdown occurs in the liver and generates acetaldehyde and oxygen radicals. These compounds are highly reactive to the biomolecules present in the body. Metabolism of alcohol leads to the formation of acetaldehyde, and the additional formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen compounds, leading to adverse effects, including disruption of mental health. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to various health conditions, including heart and liver disease.

Alcohol-related deaths 2022

Alcohol death per year is always one of the leading causes of casualties worldwide, but the beginning of the pandemic worsened the numbers. Alcohol death percentage saw a drastic increase this year in the United States. Alcohol death statistics UK is lower than that of the US.

Around 60% of people aged between 21 to 49 years consume alcohol. Binge drinking is a frequent practice where a person takes a certain number of drinks consecutively—four or more drinks for a woman, and five or more for men—which can lead to several health hazards.

The alcohol death per year contributed to over 30% of the overall death rate in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US. Alcohol-induced deaths include mortality due to liver or pancreas failure and other health conditions.

Alcohol death per year related to motor vehicle accidents have also increased. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in May, around 28 people die, due to alcohol-induced motor accidents every day. The effects of alcohol leave a person incapable of driving a vehicle, but people seem careless, leading to such tragic accidents.

The US Government has been urging civilians to reduce alcohol consumption, citing the most-preventable death is also the one contributing to the highest number of deaths in the country.

How to reduce alcohol death per year?

The only way to reduce alcohol consumption depends on the person who consumes the beverage. There are several ways to reduce excessive consumption, but it always comes down to the person’s determination and self-control. Some of the effective ways to reduce alcohol consumption are:

  • Plan a drinking limit and make sure to note every step of it
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption gradually
  • Do not give in to temptation
  • Distract your mind with soulful activities
  • Choose beverages with less alcohol content
  • It is okay to ask for help
  • Make sure to stay hydrated and go for a non-alcoholic alternative when you feel thirsty
  • If you feel mentally disturbed, visit a healthcare professional for medical help and advice.