Ginger, the most common spice!

Ginger is one of the most used spices in India. We use this spice along with garlic in many dishes to enhance flavor. It is impossible to think of Indian cuisine without this humble root. Ginger is a stem part which actually grows underground and is called rhizome. But we usually call it ginger root.

Fresh Ginger Root

It’s not something new that ginger has been used as a medicine since a long time. We have a tradition going back a long time of using ginger root in some of the most prominent ayurvedic and siddha medicines.

It is known that we use ginger in our cuisine. But do you know that you can treat and prevent many ailments and illnesses by consuming ginger home remedies alone?

How to make ginger water?

Ginger juice with lemon wedge, cinnamon and star anise

It is as simple as making lemonade. Wash the ginger root in running water to remove soil and impurities. Scrape off the outer skin. Cut into slices and put them in a skillet. Add enough water and let it boil for 15minutes. Switch off the flame. Let the ginger water cool down to room temperature. You can add lemon juice and honey along with it or can have it plain as well.

Benefits of Ginger water


Woman having indigestion problem

The volatile oils in the ginger stimulate the production of saliva. Drinking ginger water in regular manner strengthens your digestive system. It stops heartburn immediately and cures indigestion. It helps relieving morning sickness during pregnancy.


Doctor checking blood sugar levels

Ginger contains zinc which affects the insulin production in the body positively. Ginger aids in the digestion of sugar in a proper manner. It prevents type2 diabetes.

Blood pressure:

Doctor checking blood pressure

Ginger root helps to melt the cholesterol in the body and flush them out. As it maintains optimum blood pressure and clears the blood vessels of cholesterol it promotes heart health.

Treat Alzheimer’s:

Alzheimer Tree representation

It is scientifically proven that ginger helps to lower the amount of cell degradation in the brain. It promotes regeneration of cells in the central nervous system. Ginger is packed with anti oxidants. Drinking ginger water on a regular basis keeps your brain health optimum and it can even prevent occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease in old age.

Muscle pain:

Woman having muscle pain during running

Ginger root is an effective pain reliever. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Drink a glass of ginger water to get relief from muscle and joint pain. The volatile oils in ginger help in relaxing the muscles. You can even apply ginger juice topically on the pain spot to relieve from excruciating pain.

Common cold:

Couple having common cold

If you do not already know ginger is anti-microbial. Have ginger water with ground peppercorn during cold. Get relieved from sore throat fast. Ginger has the ability to dry up the mucus and flush it out of the body.


woman having inflammation pain in the shoulder (Black&White representaion)

Drinking ginger water reduces the inflammatory response when the body is in a healing stage especially in post operational conditions. It relaxes the blood vessels around the inflammation and helps to heal fast. However consult with your doctor before starting ginger water regime.


woman picking a strawberry to eat

Ginger helps to absorb the nutrients in the food intake. It helps in breaking down food molecules as it stimulates the production of gastric juices in the intestines and helps to absorb the nutrients.

So next time when you see fresh ginger in the market, get it without a second thought to make ginger water as it is not only therapeutic but also preventive.