Summer colds can be defined as respiratory infections caused by viruses. They generally occur in June, July, and August. The symptoms of summer cold and common cold are usually the same. However, the common cold can occur at any time of the year, whereas the summer cold occurs only during the summer months. In this blog, you will learn the answer to the question, “How long does a summer cold last?”

Prevention Tips for Summer Colds

You can avoid catching a summer cold by limiting your exposure to people who already have it. Also, refrain from touching contaminated objects or surfaces. Healthy eating habits, getting plenty of sleep, and reducing stress can help your immune system fight summer cold viruses. 

Washing your hands frequently and properly is also important in the prevention of summer colds. This helps in getting rid of any viruses causing summer colds from your hands.

Irrespective of all the precautionary measures, sometimes, you might catch a summer cold. This takes us to the topic of treating and getting rid of the cold. 

Boosting the Immune System during Summer

Intake of plenty of fluids is of utmost significance during summer. This can not only ward off summer colds but also prevent many other infections and diseases. Instead of taking dehydrating drinks, such as coffee, you can drink orange juice, which is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts your immune system, thereby safeguarding your body from colds. In addition, eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits that contain immunity-boosting nutrients. These are also some of the foods that help improve your overall health

Treating Summer Colds Effectively

Summer colds usually last from 3 to 7 days, but their duration may vary from one person to another. Symptoms of summer colds include an itchy throat, runny nose, congestion, etc. If not treated properly at the right time, a summer cold may even lead to a fever. 

Summer colds are always caused by viruses. Since they are not caused by bacteria, antibiotics cannot be used to treat them. Therefore, avoid taking inappropriate antibiotics when you catch a summer cold. Although there is no cure for summer colds, you can minimize their symptoms by taking some medicines. Many people go for over-the-counter medicines. If you suffer from a severe cold, you may need to consult your doctor or healthcare provider.

Tips for Getting Rid of a Summer Cold Faster

There are some effective ways to get rid of a summer cold faster. Cough suppressants and nasal decongestants can help ease some of the symptoms of a summer cold. Saline nasal sprays also bring down nasal symptoms. If you have a sore throat, try a saltwater gargle, which is an excellent remedy. Keep sipping warm liquids such as chicken soup, warm apple juice, or tea. Aside from being soothing, these fluids also help increase mucus flow, which can ease congestion.  

Now, you have got the answer to your question, “How long does a summer cold last?” Even though it appears to be a minor problem, a summer cold can make you feel miserable and tired. It can affect your daily routines and interfere with your work. Instead of relying solely on readily available medicines, consult your doctor if the cold makes you dysfunctional. Eating well and getting proper rest can work wonders for your immune system. So, keep these measures in mind if you catch a summer cold.