A paper published in the International Journal of Cancer states that early morning exercise between 8.00 AM and 10.00 AM can reduce the risk of cancer. We are quite aware that physical activity and exercise can help reduce the risk of different cancers like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and uterine cancer. But, this is the first time that the timing of the exercise is taken into account in gauging the reduction in cancer risk.   

Despite all the advancements in the medical field, there are still prolific diseases like cancer that have no permanent treatment and cure. Cancer destroys the body tissues through the abnormal division of cells. In the US, around 606,520 people might die from cancer by the end of 2020. So, even the smallest information about changes in lifestyle practices and cancer risk should be studied for the betterment of the cancer patients. 

Sleep-Wake Cycle & Cancer Risk

The study analyzed the recreational and physical activity of a group of people affected by breast and prostate cancer. After interviewing the participants from 2008-2013, it was found that people who exercised in the morning had a reduced risk of cancer than people who exercised later in the day or people who didn’t exercise at all. The survey was conducted among 781 women with breast cancer and 504 with prostate cancer.

Early Morning Exercise & Cancer Risk

The study concluded that the odds of getting cancer reduced by 25% when people exercise in the morning. The research also extended to analyze people who workout later in the day, but this exercise timing did not show any significant relation with the reduction in cancer risk. Another revelation from the study showed that the circadian rhythm (a person’s sleep-wake cycle) is also linked to cancer risk. People who had a proper sleep-wake cycle were less likely to develop cancer than people who have ill sleep-wake cycles. Especially, people who work in night shifts have improper sleep which may lead to an increased risk of cancer. 

Similarly, too much estrogen production in the body can also lead to high chances of developing breast cancer. Early morning exercise can reduce the estrogen levels in the body and thus reduce the risk of cancer. 

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