Tell me, have you ever hung out with your friends or family, but you see them scrolling their phones in the middle of the conversation? Well, it is quite a bad habit! But no one can point fingers, because we all have done it. We ignore the people around us and lose ourselves in our mobile phones and other such devices. This phenomenon is known as phubbing. Let us discuss in detail what is phubbing. And how does it affect kids?

What is Phubbing?  

Phubbing, or phone snubbing, refers to the act of ignoring someone present in favor of any device (like a mobile phone). Since we carry our mobile phones wherever we go, phubbing has become very common nowadays. But this behavior may affect the kids with us and they may have the most to lose.

How does Phubbing affect kids? 

Phubbing parent

Let us start with some acknowledgments, there is nothing wrong with using technology to communicate or for entertainment purposes. But there is a time and place to interact with this technology. Suppose you are in the middle of a conversation or social interaction with people, and you suddenly turn all your attention away from the people present to focus on your mobile, it can lead to social disruption. 

Elders’ phone addiction may impact kids a lot. When parents or caretakers prioritize their smartphones over interacting with their kids, they will feel neglected. In worst-case scenarios, kids might start thinking negatively about their elders. Studies on phubbing say that it may damage the kid’s psychological development. 

Internalizing and Externalizing Issues

Phubbing Father

For example, phubbing of caretakers or parents results in internalizing problems, such as depression and anxiety among kids. This practice among elders can also increase kids’ externalizing problems, such as aggression and addiction.  

When parents concentrate on their mobile devices (or tablets, laptops, etc.) when their kids are near them, it can affect the kids’ communication skills development. It’s because distracted parents will spend less time engaging with their kids. The kids themselves will not have the time or space to express their needs or share their thoughts. Added to these, there will be a lack of opportunities for those kids to learn more!

How to Avoid Phubbing? 

Happy Family

So it is primarily up to parents and caretakers over here!! It would be better to set rules and limits on smartphones to avoid phubbing. Refrain from using mobile devices during meals, spend enough time with your kids, and make them feel free to tell you everything. Better put your phones on silent or activate the ”Do not disturb” feature whenever you are around kids, friends, or other people. Having frequent conversations with your kids is also an effective way to minimize phubbing. 

Is Phubbing Dangerous? 

Everyone has this question in mind: “Is phubbing really dangerous?” And, the answer is yes! Although it may seem harmless, it can be quite harmful to everyone. If kids experience feelings of rejection by getting snubbed often, they might get mentally disturbed.

Constant phubbing can make a person feel so invalidated, which can negatively affect their mental health. Being around a phubber can lower a person’s self-esteem, which leads to increased stress. New research has found that phubbing can affect your marriage life too. 

Final Words

If you are interested in giving the best to your kids, make some time for them. Let them connect and socialize with you. Minimizing phubbing will allow them to grow in a healthier environment. Your kids will also start respecting you and their bonding with you will become easier.