Wondering what is PH balance? It is the acid-base balance in our body. The body maintains levels of acids and bases in the blood to improve your body function. The lungs and kidneys play a vital role in this process. As per the PH scale measurement, the acidic and alkaline substance ranges from 0 to 14. Seven is considered as neutral. If your pH is below seven, it is an indication that your body is highly acidic and if it is above seven your body is highly alkaline.

Amazing Natural Remedies to Restore the pH Balance

Find the best natural remedies to restore pH balance.


Exercise is the best way to balance pH levels. Indulging in physical activity can reduce the excess acid in your body. If you do 30-minute exercise regularly it will give a positive result to your pH balance. You can do physical activities such as walking, dancing, volleyball, and badminton.

Reduce Drinking Alcohol

If you want to balance the acid-alkaline level,  it is better to quit drinking altogether or cut down to healthier levels. It affects the function of the kidneys and may lead to the development of kidney stones. If you drink alcohol, your kidney fails to regulate fluid and electrolytes in the body.

Reduce Your Intake of Acidic Foods

If you want to maintain the pH balance in your blood, you must limit consuming foods. It increases the acid level and the liver fails to cleanse all acids out. Eat veggies and greens. You must avoid the below acidic foods-

  • Processed cake
  • Peanuts
  • Cold cuts
  • Processed cereals
  • Oats
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Eggs

Drink Alkaline Water

Switching to alkaline water is the best natural remedy to restore pH balance. When alkaline levels reduce and acid levels increase your body changes further from the normal pH level. To avoid the situation, you need to consume pH-balanced water with a good amount of alkaline. Alkaline water helps to cleanse out toxins that result from the stress developed by free radicals.

Consume Lemon-Infused Water

If you are thinking lemon is more acidic for your body then it’s quite the opposite, it simply boosts your metabolism and helps maintain the pH levels. It is great to drink a cold glass of lemon water in the morning. It has a protective effect on the liver.

Eat Healthy Food

To restore your pH level to normal, you must follow a healthy diet. Avoid eating junk food that may damage the liver functioning. You must incorporate green (leafy) vegetables low in calories and eat meals that are high in nutrients for an extra alkaline diet.

Take Multivitamins

It is not difficult to get all vitamins and nutrients from food alone. You need to consume supplements of multivitamins. You are required to take vitamin D to increase calcium absorption that helps your body maintain vital minerals. Multivitamin supplements support your body’s immune system and also fight against free radicals that reduce alkalinity in the body.

These are the best natural remedies to restore the pH balance in your body.