Top 10 unusual uses of beer

Don’t we just love our beers? But you might find it surprising to hear that this beverage might have other uses apart from being guzzled down from a mug.

Here are top 10 unusual uses of beer that you never would have thought of.

  • Shampoo or conditioner-Beer does wonders for your hair. You can whip it up with a few eggs and use it as a shampoo. You might also be interested to know the fact that in the olden days raw eggs were used as shampoo. You can also simply use it as an after wash or conditioner after a shampoo wash. Beer gives your hair wonderful volume and shine.
  • To make batter-When you make a batter you generally add a raising agent. Why don’t you just pour in beer? The yeast in the beer acts as a raising agent along with the aeration. Simply dip your fish, veggies or other meats in the batter and fry.
  • Take a soak-Beer has wonderful soothing and nourishing properties. So pour a few cans of beer in your tub and take a long soak.
  • Marinade-Beer can flavor meat beautifully. Marinate your chicken or meat in beer and watch how tender the meat comes out.
  • Tummy ache-There is no scientific research to prove this use. But if you have a tummy ache then drink a can of beer and watch that pain disappear into thin air. I think beer kind of acts like a sprite or ginger ale.
  • Polish wooden furniture-As crazy as this may sound, you can get your old wooden furniture to shine like new. Simply let a beet go flat and polish onto the wooden surfaces using a polish cloth. Repeat with a dry buffer cloth and your furniture is ready to go.
  • Kill slugs-If you have a garden infested with slugs then have no fear beer is here. Simply place a bowl full of beer in the garden. These pests are attracted to the smell of yeast. Don’t be surprised to find a bowl full of dead slugs.
  • Fertilize the soil-Rumor has it that beer if poured on the soil will help your plants grow faster and better.
  • Keep the bees away from you-When you plan to sit idle on the lawn in your back garden do you get disturbed by bees? If yes, then you can leave around open containers holding beer towards the outer walls of your garden. The bees will get attracted to this beverage and keep away from you.
  • Start your engine-If you are having engine problems due to corrosion of the battery terminal, don’t fret. Pour beer into the affected area and watch the carbonation of the beer wash away all that buildup.

So if have a few extra canisters of beer lying around at home, you can now put them to good use.