Skin is the most important and noticed part of our body. It sure should be the most protected one too, as many of us face major breakouts. For a few years there many clinical researches which say acne and food don’t have a significant correlation. But in recent days dermatologists have started to recognize the connection and the cleaner our diet is, the cleaner our skin will be.

In general, we know drinking water, being hydrated, vegetables and greens will save our skin. But these foods and ingredients, on the other hand, may cause breakouts.


Inflammation and stomach imbalances can directly be related to gluten food, this, in turn, will have an effect on the skin. Gluten is a mixture of two proteins that are responsible for the elastic texture of the dough. We can be thankful for gluten-free bread, pasta and other food to maintain flawless skin.

Fast Food

As tasty as it sounds, western food is associated directly with acne as the diet has more fat, calories and refined carbs. Sodas, burgers, nuggets etc will increase the risk of acne though it is unclear why. Fast food relating to acne researches are often self-reported, it mostly suggests that these foods might alter hormones causing breakouts.


Stimulation of sebum glands may cause breakouts and dairy products often promotes those hormones. Milk also increases insulin levels, independent of its effect on blood sugar, which may worsen acne. However, it is less likely to be proven that dairy plays a direct role in breakouts.

Spicy Food

It is known that we sweat while consuming spicy food. Since spicy food triggers the sweat glads face can become oily and further aggravate acne. Wash your face after a spicy food may control oil secretion, it’s much better to avoid having it more often.

Keep a food log and look for the diet pattern between foods you are eating for a healthy skin.