Cling to clean eating tips 

To welcome the new decade 

With a great start!

New Year is around the corner, as you are preparing to welcome the New Year with joy, friends, and family with feasts that follows varieties of desserts, cakes, dips, appetizers to dig in. You may leave behind something very important i.e. your healthy eating habits. No doubt that you are going to attend the New Year parties with besties or you may have a family get together to cherish the moment and have the delicious foods on the table all night along. Making healthy food choices for the entire year may not seem easy but you can make it by taking one step ahead for clean eating habits.

 Here are some fantastic clean eating tips that won’t spoil your New Year party mood and can help you start 2020 with a bang! Let’s have a look now.

The Best Clean Eating Tips

1. Try to Eat Homemade Foods

Try to Eat Homemade Foods

You must get over pizza, burger, lasagna, etc. Instead, you can opt for cooking at home with own style-of-adding-veggies on your plate. It will make a lot of positive changes in your healthy lifestyle. Adding some veggies means you are taking the right portion of nutrients and fiber with no fat. Creating a healthy diet is simple now. Gather some good healthy cooking recipes and add your style of cooking by experimenting.

2. Hold the Sugar

Donuts or candy can make your mouth water. You need to replace them with fruits or any natural sweeteners like agave, honey or processed white sugar. You can avoid sweet craving by following the 30-day sugar detox diet. Stepping away from sugary food is good and you can able to control the desire to eat sweets.

3. Add More Veggies in Your Meal

Add More Veggies in Your Meal

Vegetables are always friendly towards your health with no harm. Eating lots of vegetables in your meal may decrease the risk of cancer, stroke, heart diseases, and type-2 diabetes. Veggies are good for- 

  • Your healthy diet.
  • Filled with nutrients.
  • You can avoid eating more.
  • Cholesterol free and fat-free.
  • It contains cancer-fighting phytos.

4. Look for a Healthier Choice

Eating food is good, but eating the healthiest food is the best you can do for yourself. You should be conscious about the healthiest food to eat such as eating more fruits and vegetables, eat more omega-3s and fibers. You must avoid roasting foods in pan, vegetables may not be tastier but healthier. Many Americans are eating vegetables in very less portion, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

5. Nuts and Seeds in Your Snack Time

Nuts and Seeds in Your Snack Time

You should replace your snacking on cookies, fried chips, and biscuits with much healthier nuts and seeds. They are filled with delicious nutrients, protein, minerals and better sources of unsaturated fats. You can pick almond which is rich in healthy fats, vitamin E and proteins. It also prevents the risk of increasing blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Also, eat very healthy sunflower seeds, filled with fiber, pack of good fats, vitamin E and minerals. 

You can easily store them like other snacks and have some during snack time.

These Clean eating tips will make your year healthier than ever!