7 Foods you did not know that you could grill

Are you bored of serving the same ribs and burgers from your grill at every barbecue party you organize? Can’t think of anything new to grill?

Do you think that you can’t grill anything other than meat or seafood? Think again!

  • Cheese

You must be wondering how on earth you would grill cheese when it would melt right through the grate. The fact is that thicker and aged cheeses can be grilled. Baste the cheese slices with oil before you put them on the grill. Hard rounds of cheese such as Halloumi, Brie or Blanco can be placed directly on the grill. Once you feel as if the rounds are getting wobbly or soft turn over. Serve warm and with crusty bread slices which are also grilled on the fire.

  • Pizza

If you thought you could make pizza only in the oven then you’re wrong. Stretch the regular dough into very thin round sheets, place on the grill after oiling properly. Grill till done and serve as usual. The crusty smoky flavor is sure to get you wanting more.

  • Fruits

Does the idea of grilling fruits on the grill sound weird? Well you can’t decide unless you’ve tried it. Grilled fruits taste amazing. Just sprinkle sugar on sliced fruits such as watermelon, avocado, bananas and peaches and watch them caramelize instantly before your eyes. Serve hot with ice cream.

  • Herbs

As weird as it sounds, grilled herbs add to the taste of cocktails and marinades.

  • Cake

Why on earth do you need to grill something that is already edible? But trust me you have to try grilling a cake slice slathered with butter on both sides. Have it hot with ice cream. I bet that you won’t be able to stop at one slice.

  • Shellfish

We all grill shrimp but then why not try the other varieties of shellfish. Clams, mussels and oysters work well on the grill. Place the shellfish on the grill and wait for them to open. Leave till the flesh become soft and pulpy. Drizzle with lemon juice, garlic butter or any other seasoning of your choice and eat immediately, hot off the grill.

  • Nuts

Sprinkle nuts with sugar, honey or other spices and place on the grill on a low flame. You will enjoy the crisp toasty flavor of the nuts on the grill.

Become the talk of the neighborhood with this not so often tried grilled food.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf