What is fasting?

Fasting is giving up food for a particular period of time. It is resisting hunger and overcoming thoughts of food cravings. Fasting is a successful process where the body and mind work together to achieve the goal.
Purpose of fasting

There are people who practice fasting to follow the religious and cultural customs. A lot of people fast as a weight loss therapy while some people follow it as a body cleansing ritual. Fasting is an effective way for the body to detox and revitalize. After fasting you should avoid Caffeine and fried foods.

What happens to your body during fasting?

1. Blood sugar level and blood pressure drop.
2. Headache, nausea, and dizziness are common
3. After 8 hours of fasting body goes through a process called Gluconeogenesis.
4. In our body the liver and the muscles are the reservoirs of glucose and fat. While we fast the body utilizes the glucose from these depositories. This makes fasting, a fantastic method for weight loss.
5. Apart from these, the actual cleansing starts when you do regular fasting. Each and every cell in the body starts to heal.

What is intermittent fasting and why is it trending?


Intermittent fasting is setting different time limits for fasting at regular intervals. Also, it is done in a strategic manner so that to reap the best benefits of fasting. There are different methods followed to achieve intermittent fasting.
  1. 16/8 method- you have to fast for 16 hours and 8 hours gap to break your fast.
  2. 5:2 method- fast for 2 days in a week consistently.
  3. 24 hour fast-fasting for 24 hours and finish it with a heavy dinner. Then again fast until next dinner.
  4. Alternate day fasting-It is having food every other day skipping a day in between two days. However, don’t try it if you are a beginner.
  5. The warrior diet- In this method you can have vegetables alone throughout the day. It is followed by a big meal during dinner.
  6. Spontaneous meal skipping- Skip meals whenever you can. And when it s done in a regular manner it becomes a fasting method which would benefit in weight reduction.
Have only healthy food to break the fast
Nowadays weight loss and weight control is all the fuzz about fasting.  Also fasting has proven benefits when it comes to weight loss and overall health.

Water fasting:

Water fasting is having only water as diet. You have to refrain from other foods like fruit juices for the entire fasting period. Water fasting has proved to have many health benefits while detoxifying the body. It even lowers the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Benefits of Fasting

Fasting can benefit you in many ways.
It helps you
1. Shed weight
2. Burns fat
3. Cleanses and detoxifies body
4. Makes the brain work more efficiently
5. Boosts energy level
Fasting helps your body experience a break through. It relieves arthritis, and reduces skin conditions. Also it can shrink tumors.

Fasting is like giving your internal body a bath. It cleanses the digestive system and helps to reproduce more healthy cells. Nowadays fasting is one of the best methods followed by most of the people for weight loss. Not only that. Fasting helps the brain to become sharper and work more efficiently. However follow some precautions while resuming a fasting plan. It is not to be done in an abrupt and intense manner. Remember to eat healthy food after every fast. Orelse you will jeopardize your health if you eat junk foods after fasting. If you are a beginner, take extra care. You can start by skipping a meal in a day in an entire week. Gradually reduce the time intervals and increase the number of times you fast.