Healthy Baking Substitutes for Healthy Living

With Healthy baking substitutes, you can eat your cakes and pastries without the guilt of eating something which is bad for your health. If you have a sweet tooth you will be easily tempted by baked desserts such as brownies, cookies, cakes, donuts, and tarts. Baking in the culinary world revolves around two main ingredients namely white flour and butter. They will not only make you gain weight but also regular consumption will bring upon lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. The good news is that you can easily swap butter and flour for healthy substitutes and still can make delicious baked food.

Healthy Baking Substitutes

Consuming baked food like cakes and pastries made with refined flour doesn’t have any micronutrients except for calories. Micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals aid in the enzymatic action during metabolism. Lack of these nutrients will slow the metabolism and result in weight gain. Also, the studies suggest that consuming more baked foods made with white flour will result in fat accumulation in the abdomen.

Black Bean Puree

One quick and healthy swap for white flour is black bean puree.  Use black bean flour or puree instead of white flour. Give your baked dishes a healthy and tasty twist.  It is rich in fiber and a good source of protein.

Healthy Baking Substitute for Sugar

You can substitute sugar with honey while baking. Honey is a natural antibiotic and has many health benefits. Sugar has a high glycemic index. Also honey is sweeter than sugar. So you tend to use less honey compared to the amount of sugar you use for the same dish. Other healthy baking substitutes to replace sugar are apple sauce, agave nectar, dates syrup, and molasses.

What Is the Baking Substitute for Butter?

Butter is a high-fat dairy product that is high in calories and saturated fat. Adding butter in your diet may increase the chances of getting diabetes and heart problems. Consuming a lot of butter as in the baking products may contribute to weight gain and an increased amount of LDL cholesterol in the body. Healthy baking substitutes for butter include the wonder fruit avocado for the very reason that the pulp has a buttery texture. The butter fruit has a creamy flavor which makes it one of the best substitutes for butter.

Why Canola Oil Must Be Substituted?

Canola oil is one of the best examples of GMOs.  It is a product of plant crossbreeding. Rapeseed plant’s parts are not edible as they have toxic compounds.  But it is genetically modified so that the oil extracted from the plant seed becomes edible. Further genetic modifications are done to improve the quality and quantity of the oil derivation. Substitute canola oil with greek yogurt to reap the benefits of calcium and probiotics.

Your favorite pastries, cookies, and cakes need not be loaded with butter, sugar and other harmful ingredients anymore. Make delicious as well as healthy baked food with these healthy baking substitutes.