Winter weight loss-Weight reduction in winter!

Winter is the season that many of us experience weight gain because of calorie rich festive food and lack of physical activity. Our weight loss goal can go off track during this time of the year as it is holiday season. But don’t fret! winter weight loss is not a farawau dream anymore.

Why we gain weight during winter?

Holidays bring sumptuous food for us to indulge more on carbs. Also the weather gets cold and the days are short. We prefer is to sit and watch TV holding a bowl of popcorn rather than going to a gym or doing any heavy activity at home. However, there is lot of ways to overcome simple excuses and make you shed some extra flab this winter. By following a reasonable eating habit and a few changes in lifestyle, you can keep your weight under control.

Diet is important

Watch your diet during winter for weight loss. Eat gradually, and carefully pick what you put inside your stomach. Drink lot of water to avoid over consumption of tasty food with sugar and fat. Chew well every single bite before swallowing. It will make you feel full with just enough food.

Eat leafy vegetables every day during meals. Include fat reducing fruits like orange, pineapple, pomegranate and guava in your diet. These are not only of low calorie buy also we can get lot of vitamins, minerals from it. They are also rich in fiber which helps in weight reduction.

Keep healthy snacks handy and always on stock to avoid feeding on junk food. Remember to take your supper much earlier.

Eat gradually, so that your stomach will feel full after you had enough.

Get good sleep but don’t exceed the limit

It is always good to get your dose of sleep everyday to make your body refresh and renovate. But too much sleeping can take a toll on your metabolic system and make you put on more weight. Set alarm before going to bed and make sure to wake up when it rings. There is nothing wrong with a short nap in the day time. But too much napping can cause your body put on weight.

Follow the same work out methods that you have been doing in summer. Wear fitting clothes so that you will be conscious about your body.

Exercise in winter

You can practice many work outs that are specific for winter.

High knee run

It is an indoor running exercise done at the same standing spot. You will workout your muscles as exactly as while you are running outside.


This is a classic floor exercise that you can do it anywhere.

From a standing position, place your hands to the ground. Jump your feet out behind you into a plank position. Jump your feet back in and push up through a squat position back to standing.

Push up and dumbbell row

Complete a regular push up with each hand placed on a dumbbell. This is very good for shedding belly fat and it worksout your pectoral muscles also.Squat


Squat is one of the best floor exercises that can keep you fit throughout the winter. Do it in 10s, 20s and gradually increase the numbers and repetitions.

Mountain climbers

Keep your hands on the ground under your shoulders and legs straight. Do alternate jumping each foot towards your hands.

Winter is be a month of multinational festivals and holidays. Holidays accompanies sumptuous food delicacies which are unavoidable. Also during winter we become less active and tend to take more naps during day time.  These are all the reasons that makes us put on more weight during winter. Paying attention to your diet, sleep and workout routine help you shed weight even during winter season.