How to Start a diet to lose weight?

Almost all of our new year’s resolutions are to start a healthy diet to become fit. But many of us may not be able to achieve it as they tend to start the practice during the not-so-readily nice time. Sometimes, your determination might be defeated by your wrong timings. This article solely talks about the worst times one should never start a diet. Continue reading to know the most popular days to start a diet and the worst day to start a diet. 

List of worst days to start a diet

1. New Year’s Day

Even though making resolutions for the new year has become traditional, approximately 90% of people never follow through. This is so that you may party wildly on New Year’s Day, which makes dieting completely difficult. So it is usually advised to start your diet after thoroughly enjoying the new year.

2. Before any important events or celebrations

Consider the scenario where you must stay in a different city for a crucial business trip that will keep you away from your home for a week. Despite the fact that it is a business trip, you would go sightseeing and try different foods. Starting a diet before a big event is therefore not a good idea.

3. Break or holiday season

During the holidays, many of us consider beginning a diet, which is a terrible idea. As we take a break from our everyday routine during holidays, we could believe that now is the ideal moment to start. However, that is totally incorrect because holidays are a time for us to unwind and let our bodies and minds rest. We shall go outside during that period and spend some time enjoying ourselves. Beginning a diet will therefore result in tension, which ultimately leads one to abandon the practice.

List of best days to begin a diet

1. After your birthday

In a study, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania discovered that following significant milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, people are more committed to their health goals. This is because people tend to have more positive outlooks on the future, establish goals and be focused, and most significantly, think less negatively about their past mistakes.

2. Monday

Like birthdays, Mondays are seen as a “new beginning.”  According to researchers, many people look to Monday as a reset button. It gives energy to them and sets them on the right path to developing healthy habits

3. First day of any month or a new season

Research says that people view the first day of the month as a new start. So it is also considered as a right time to begin your diet journey. 


Regardless of the diet path, Never begin when you are extremely exhausted and depressed. Never begin when you are under stress when your willpower is really weak, or at any other time. Starting when you’re feeling down will also make you less determined, which will ultimately result in failure. Another important thing to keep in mind is to start slow. Keep things easy and gradual.