5 Simple Ways to Get a Round Butt

After watching J Lo and Rihanna, the craze of possessing round butts has been elevated to an all new high level.

The glutes or the butt muscles are usually found under a layer of fat in the butt. So get the butt muscles in shape the best way is to tone it by exercising.

So here are 5 exercises that will tone that butt of yours:

  • Heel Raises

Stand on your toes and lift your body using the strength of your heels and butt. Stretch for a few minutes till you feel the butt tighten. Repeat a couple of times.

  • Lunges (Front and reverse)

Stand with your feet apart. Move one leg back or to the front and squat your body to the level of your hips. Hold for 10 counts. Repeat this exercise with the other leg.

  • Squats

There are lots of variations to the squat. You can do a basic squat that involves sitting down as if on a chair made of air. Keep your feet wide apart till shoulders and sit down till knee level. Stand up and repeat for a rep of 15 counts. The varied squats include sumo squats, side squats, etc….

  • Leg Raises

Use the support of a chair or a railing and stand straight. Raise your leg to the highest possible level and move up and down for at least 30-40 counts. Don’t forget to tuck your tummy in and keep you back straight while you do this.

  • Kick Back

Stand straight and kick your leg back as high as you can and hold for 10 counts, till you fell your butt tighten. Repeat this exercise with the other leg.

Additional ways to tighten your glutes:

  • Take the stairs.
  • Wear high heeled shoes.
  • Wear cushioned pants at the butt area.
  • Eat meals that are high in protein that promote muscles building.
  • An intense massage will help in reshaping your butt and kill cellulite and water retention.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf