A well rounded butt does not come easy. It requires a lot of hard work. Almost all the women I know want to know how to tone their glutes.

Here are a few quick exercises that are a must do to get that firm round butt:


  • This is the best workout to squeeze out the fat from your butt. This routine requires a lot of balance.


  • No butt workout can be complete without including squats.
  • Stand with you feet apart at the shoulder level and then squat down as if you were sitting on a chair, holding your back straight. Hold for a few moments and squeeze those glutes while rising up. Make sure your knees don’t go past your toes.
  • Squats can be made interesting by using dumbbells or adding kickbacks.

Bridge or Hip Lifts

  • If you’re suffering from a back problem, this exercise may help relieve it.
  • Lie on the floor; bend your knees, with your feet firmly on the ground. Lift your hips high and squeeze those glutes. Hold for a few minutes.
  • This exercise can be made more difficult by adding alternate leg lifts.

Clam Shell

  • Clamshell exercise helps in strengthening the glutes, apart from toning them.
  • Lie on your side on the floor, with both the knees bent. Flex the hips to 30 degrees. Keeping your heels together, slowly open and close your knees. This movement though slow, gives miraculous results. Switch sides.

Leg Raises

  • Leg raises can be don’t standing as well as lying down.
  • Side leg raises – Lie on your side on the floor. Lift your upper leg just enough to feel the squeeze in your hip. Lower the leg and repeat on the other side.
  • Standing leg raises – Stand straight with your feet firmly together. Raise each leg alternatively to the hip level.

Remember to keep your back straight while working out your glutes.Your butt doesn’t require a lot of equipment to get into shape. These toning exercises are easy to fit into our schedules as we can do then even while watching television.