How to Get Rid of Hiccups

From the time we are born, we face the annoying ac of hiccups. The actual reason why hiccups actually occur is unknown. Most doctors link hiccups with eating too fast or swallowing air, or even in some cases the disturbance of the digestive system by eating too much junk and oily foods.

Now let’s come to the main problem them most people face. Hiccups is harmless but it can be annoying, especially in public due to the hiccup sound and the movement of the diaphragm. Basically hiccups is the sudden contraction of the diaphragm muscle, almost like a spasm, snapping the vocal cords shut that cause the hiccupping sound.

So let us discuss the ways on how we get rid of these hiccups:

  • Drink water

The popular and tried and tested.

  • Hold out breadth

When you hold your breath till you can anymore, this will reset the breathing process and get things in your throat back to normal. The holding of carbon dioxide in your lungs will help diaphragm relax.

  • Gargle

Gargling disturbs the natural processes and rhythm of the nerves in your throat. A few seconds of gargling will help diaphragm relax and settle the nerves causing the spasms.

  • Blow a bag or balloon

Blowing on a paper bag or balloon increases the carbon dioxide in your blood, due to which the diaphragm contract more to bring in the oxygen. This contraction of the diaphragm to bring in the oxygen will put an end to the repetitive contractions.

  • Honey

Swallow a mouthful of honey. The tingling and tickling sensation honey causes at the back of your throat is sure to bring the nerves in the throat back to normal.

  • Something Spicy

Have something spicy like hot sauce or a jalapeno and watch how your body gets distracted by the spices and ignores the hiccups.

  • Peanut Butter

This is a remedy that is popular with the kids. Swallowing a spoonful of peanut butter interrupts your breathing and swallowing patterns and get your diaphragm back to normal.

  • Sour

Have a mouthful of something sour. It might be the shock that your mouth gets while swallowing the sour food that stops it from hiccupping.

  • Have someone frighten you

This might sound silly but many people swear by this method. They say that the startle or kick that you get out of getting frightened is sure to get your diaphragm working in its normal state.

  • Sugar

It has been found that swallowing a spoonful of sugar can put your diaphragm to rest. The graininess of the sugar will irritate the esophagus, causing the nerves in your throat to settle down.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf