Yeah, it’s true, very difficult to get into shape after delivery. Your body won’t remains the same as before. Post pregnancy getting back into shape means you should be able to stay consistent in your workout and diet.
Here are given 5 rules you should strictly follow to remain fit post pregnancy.
Be active

After delivery, a few weeks you will remain exhausted and sleep deprived. Although exercise may be in your mind, it is important to remain active. Start walking around your house or patio.

Breastfeeding your baby daily will help to burn out calories between 600 and 800 a day. So make sure your breastfeed your little one utmost.
Keep track of calorie intake

Make sure you stay away from unhealthy or fast food and focus on food items that are rich in nutrition. Whenever you feel hungry eat plenty of fruits and nuts. Drink plenty of water during a frequent interval of time.
Join other new moms

You can find out any new moms in your friend group who are eager to back into shape, this could give you extra motivation to reach your fitness goal.
Get plenty of rest

You should change your sleep routine to when your little one sleeps. Strange sleep cycles can upset the metabolism making it hard to lose pregnancy weight. Sleeping when your baby sleeps would keep your energy level high and would help to shed a few calories.