The most common and popular medicated ointment for cold or a headache is Vicks Vaporub. Ingredients like menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor help to relieve nasal congestion and cold suppression. Being able to apply it directly to the skin considered safe for children it is a friend in every household. But there are more hacks & uses of Vicks you should know.

Insect Repellent


No Kidding, it does help in getting rid of insects and serves as the best repellent. Serves as your savior to get rid of mosquitos, flies and other insects when you run out of repellent or forgot at home. Apply a little vaporub and stay away from bugs.

Reduce Stretch Marks

You heard me, it serves us right in reducing stretch marks. Just rub some on your stretch marks on a daily basis and you will see the difference in 2 weeks. Vicks also reduces bruises and reduce the swelling making it disappear faster.

Stop Naughtiness of Pets

Pets are the cutest things we have, but don’t you love it when there is zero cleaning? Yes, dog and cats hate the smell of Vicks so no peeing around, no scratching of furniture and torn curtains. Let the little ones learn it in an easy way.

New Face Friend

When I say face, I am including the head and ears. Serves excellent to reduce a headache and put a cotton ball with Vicks in ears till you get to doctor, it reduces pain temporarily. Reduce acne, pimples etc by applying a thin layer, leave it overnight to wash and repeat the process for better results.

Bid Bye to Belly Fat

I did put a smile on that lips, didn’t I? what you are reading is true. Exercise is the must for this process, applying alone won’t reduce belly fat. You should make a paste from Vicks, camphor 1tbsp, and 1tbsp alcohol, apply this instead of slimming creams before workouts.

Before trying out anything make sure it fits your skin, though it is considered skin friendly. Never apply on children below 2 years or on children, check for separate brand line introduced for children. If everything is set, don’t you wait to try out all these hacks.

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