This is the age of smart device and high fashion. We walk around cradling the digital version of the world in our palms looking dapper in high heels and tight fitting shoes. The digital world never sleeps constantly demands our attention. Awareness is the first step in recognizing and addressing issues that impact our functioning and mobility in the long run.
Fashion Foot

Keeping your feet in such an elevated position for a long time, especially on pencil heels can lead to chronic tightness in muscles of lower limbs apart from joint stress, back pain.
How to eliminate the pain
Select the type of heels wisely. You must keep a pair of occasion friendly comfortable shoes as a backup to give the legs and feet a break. Restrict your time in heels. For all shoes, be mindful of the shape. Make sure it suits your foot type. There should be enough space for your toes to rest naturally. Pay attention to the sole, it shouldn’t be too hard. Shoes don’t expand with wear.
Handbag shoulder

It creates a muscular imbalance between the sides of the body, especially shoulder, neck and back and this can lead to chronic pain.
How to eliminate the pain
Prefer using sling bags. Wear the sling diagonally across your body. Frequently change the shoulder you take it around. Adjust the strap length according to your height and the weight of the bag. Likewise if holding laptops and other items in the hand, shift weight between hands. Try carrying your laptop on the back especially if it is heavy.
Texting neck

Smartphones have taken over our lives. But they have only made us less smart about looking after our postural muscles, especially the one in the neck. Constantly looking down into the screen or jutting the neck out while using laptops is putting great pressure on your spines. If the number of hours you spend on Smartphone goes up, this would further lead to chronic neck and shoulder pain.
How to eliminate the pain
Position the screen in such a way that you can read comfortably at eye level considering spinal alignment. Setup your work desk correctly and give it a preference of use over the hand-held device. Release neck and back stress by performing light exercise at your workplace. Repeat the exercise a few times during the day.