Exercise on daily basis has numerous advantages, it necessarily doesn’t mean gyming. Healthy eating and daily workouts are the ultimate steps to achieve fitness of body and mind. It is also good to maintain a flexible body than a built one. Often, built is considered hale which is a myth, flexibility is the true fitness. Many of us have a great body shape except for a bloated belly. Now, all you need is 20 minutes a day to follow these easy 5 steps for a flat tummy.



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Sit-ups -15 times

Sit-ups usually tone your abdominal muscles, this is a very common physical exercise thought and practiced. It is more like crunches, the range of motion will swing fully and condition till the lower abdomen.



V-ups 10 times
V-ups 10 times

Challenging the entire core V-ups are great to strengthen back muscles and target the abdomen. The exercise demands flexibility and caution as the motion will work more on your quadriceps as well as hamstrings.

Knee to Elbow Planks

Men's health
Planks- 15 times each leg

A usual gym workout that targets abs and hip flexors giving your spine good posture. These planks increase stability and build strength as it involves knee movement. Since the body will be balanced from head to toe it also in one way becomes the whole body work out.

Torso Lift

Torso Lift - 10 times
Torso Lift – 10 times

Lifting your entire lower body gives an advantage for your butt, waist, thighs abdomen and hips getting treated all at once. This can tone up your lower body muscles and get to a great shape and a flat tummy.

Boat Pose

Boat Pose - Hold for 30 seconds
Boat Pose – Hold for 30 seconds

It is an asana from yoga called Navasana, where the body is postured in V shape balancing entirely on the butt. Being a pose from yoga Boat pose has its own advantages of improving digestion, strengthening the abs and spine.

Don’t postpone things for tomorrow. Get ready for your daily work out and sport a flat tummy in less than a month.