Guessing anybody’s first recollection of drinking from a copper cup is at their grandmother’s. They have been in daily use until the 20th century in Asian countries especially in India. Playing an extraordinary part in our childhood, copper vessels are back in trend. With a plethora of scientific evidence confirming health values, here are the few benefits of copper vessels.

Why is it good?

Helps Weight Loss

Drinking Tamara Jal (Copper Vessel Water) helps weight loss. It helps in improvising metabolism and improves digestion. But, ditching exercise is probably not a good idea, this breaks down body fat and eliminates it more effectively.

Heals Wounds Faster

Copper is known for building a strong immune system with its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The major properties in copper help the wounds to heal externally from inside. Besides that internally it aids proper digestion, remedies ulcer and kills bacteria.

Slows Down Ageing

Drink water from a copper vessel and forget about the aging process. The Tamara Jal, being rich in antioxidants promotes the growth of new cells delaying the appearance of fine lines. Therefore it improves skin health overall by producing melanin which protects our body from sun damage.

Overthrows Anaemia

The entire process of absorbing and using the iron in the body is through the copper that is present. It keeps anemia at bay helps by maintaining the iron level up and regulates flow in blood vessels. The essence of copper aids cell formation to take in iron for body functioning.

Perfect Detox

One glass of water stored in the copper vessel every morning in an empty is an excellent detox. It cleanses our body and regulates the proper working of organs.

Put to Better Use!

Make sure you get pure copper without mix other metals to get the maximum benefit. Always water rinse the vessels well avoid scrubbing, instead rub a small piece of lemon and cleanse. Fill water and leave for eight hours for tiny bits of copper ions to get dissolved for better results.

We all are aware that too much of anything is good for nothing the same applies to the Tamara Jal. Consuming it twice a day has enough benefits, as it shouldn’t be year long. Practice for a couple of months, take a break for another month for excess copper to be eliminated from the body. Cautious use can reap its benefits as needed.