5 Most common allergy causing foods

A lot of people suffer from food allergies. The reactions can be in the mild form of itching or even as severe as stomach cramps or vomiting.There are certain foods which cause a lot more allergic reactions in people as compared to others.

Here are the foods that cause the most allergies in people:

  • Peanuts- People with peanut allergies might not be actually allergic to other nuts but it is safer to keep away from nuts altogether. Negative reactions to peanuts can be in the form of a serious anaphylactic allergic reaction, which might require a dose of adrenalin to bring it down.
  • Wheat- First you must try to figure out whether you are allergic only to wheat or to even barley, wheat and oats that consist of gluten. But don’t worry you will find a lot of products in the market that are gluten and wheat free.
  • Eggs- Most people grow out of this allergy as they grow older. It is very common in children below 5 years of age. Allergic reactions to egg can include itching, rashes around the mouth, vomiting, stomach cramps  or even an asthmatic condition.
  • Milk- This doesn’t affect as many children as the rest of the allergy causing foods. An allergy to milk can cause a person to vomit, develop stomach cramps, vomit and even asthma. Consult your doctor on the intake of milk and its products.
  • Soya- Soya is one of the most common food allergen. This is mostly prevalent in manufactured goods. Don’t forget to read the label carefully before you consume any of these manufactured products.

If you have any allergies try to stay away from that category of foods unless you want to suffer from allergic reactions.