7 Common bedtime mistakes

There are a lot of things that we do before our bedtime that are causing us a lot of harm. The worst part about is that we actually don’t know what they are.Sleep is very important for our body. So if you’re having a hard time getting a good night’s rest, you might want to look into the practices that you are making that are actually a mistake:

  • Sleeping with pets- A lot of people sleep with their pets. What they don’t realize is that it affects their sleep. People who sleep with their pets enjoy a disturbed sleep.
  • Snooze button on your alarm- A lot of people make this mistake. They set the alarm for a time which is ahead of the actual time they wish to wake up. When you wake up hearing the alarm and hit the snooze button, your body starts another sleep cycle. So by this method not only do you not get to finish your actual sleep cycle but you also start another one that you will end shortly.
  • Consume food or beverages with caffeine- Caffeine can stimulate the hormones that result in sleeplessness. So if you need to catch a good night sleep, try avoiding caffeine a few hours before bedtime.
  • Alcohol- Alcohol is said to let you sleep faster, but it can disrupt the duration of your REM cycle. Don’t drink just before you get to bed as it can affect the quality of your sleep.
  • Technology- In this age, most of us have the habit to check our phones or tablets or whatever gadget before we get to bed. What we don’t know is that the light and radiation emitted from these devices actually delay the release of the sleep inducing hormone called melatonin.
  • Television- We all love to watch television to unwind and fall asleep in the process. But this habit lets us stay up longer than usual and also lead to poor quality of sleep.
  • Catching up on sleep- There is no such thing as catching up on sleep. If you are sleep deprived, you cannot make up for it at a later date and time. A few days normal sleep routine will get your body back to normal.

Avoid these mistakes and get a good night’s sleep.