4 Misconceptions about weight loss

All of us have at some stage or the other wanted to lose weight. To attain our goals of shedding a few pounds we turn to skipping meals, reducing our calories intake or even taking up some form of physical activity. Some information that we possess about weight loss are wrong.

So here are some commonly mistaken facts about weight loss:

  • Turning Vegan can make you lose weight-Just because you turn into a vegetarian doesn’t mean you will land up losing a ton of weight. There are fatty options in vegetarian food as well. A healthy vegan diet can make you lose weight. But again just because you eat food that is vegetarian doesn’t mean you will shed any weight.
  • Portions of healthy food don’t make a difference- You might have cut out all the junk food from your diet but you’re still wondering why you’re not losing any weight. The reason might be that you aren’t controlling the portions of the healthy food. Just because fruits are considered healthy, you can wolf down an entire bucket of mangoes. Cheeses in moderation are great but trust me when I tell you that you should limit their intake to about a couple hundred grams.
  • Working out gives you the license to eat anything- Just because you are working out it doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want and in unspecified quantities. You must always remember the reason behind you working out. You are working out to lose weight. So avoid letting loose and over eating giving you the excuse of working out. Do not undo whatever good you have done at the gym.
  • Walking solves all your problems- Walking is one of the more relaxed forms of physical activity. Do not expect miracles just by walking. You have to club it with some other rigorous form of physical activity such as a gym workout or cycling or any other activity of your interest. So if you’re looking to lose a lot of weight and cut a few inches from your waist you surely need to step up your physical activity that does not only include walking.

Now that you know what facts people mess up when they want to lose weight, you need not wait forever to achieve the same results.