A lot of people chew gum for different reasons, while some may just like the taste of something sweet or minty in their mouth to last for a long time, others may do it to battle bad breath.

Also, some of them chew gum after a meal which has a lot of garlic or onion or even chew gum after smoking cigarettes, to help mask the odors.

Well, here are a few other health benefits of chewing gum that you never knew.


1. Boost Memory

A recent research study found that chewing sugar-free gum on a regular basis can increase the blood flow to the hippocampus in the brain and also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. This helps keep your brain cells active and thus improves your memory skills.


2. Reduces Stress

Another research study has found that chewing gum can be a great stress-buster, as it boosts the oxygen flow to the brain and decreases the production of the stress hormone known as cortisol, in the blood, thus reducing stress.


3. Relieves Anxiety

Just like how chewing gum can reduce stress, the same action of chewing gum boosting oxygen flow to the brain can also reduce anxiety. So, chewing gum before an interview or an important meeting can help calm your nerves.


4. Aids Weight Loss

Chewing gum whenever you get hunger pangs can kill the untimely hunger pangs and prevent you from binge eating, thus helping you stick to your healthy diet and lose weight! Ensure that the gum you choose is sugar-free and low in calories.


5. Treats Nausea

If you are someone who is prone to travel sickness or if you are suffering from nausea induced by indigestion, chewing minty gum can help reduce this sensation, as chewing on gum can produce more saliva, which in turn reduces the acid produced in the stomach, thus treating nausea.


6. Treats Constipation

Chewing gum can be used to treat constipation temporarily because the extra saliva produced can lubricate your intestines and make bowel movement smoother. However, constipation is a condition that requires medical attention.


7. Reduces Acidity

Again, due to the extra saliva which is produced while chewing gum, which can reduce the digestive acids produced in the stomach, it can also treat acidity temporarily and acidity too must be checked by a professional.


8. Makes You More Alert

Each time you are feeling tired and lethargic at work, chewing gum could help make you more alert and energetic, because it increases the blood flow and oxygen to your brain.


9. Reduces Ear Pain

Many people experience ear pain while traveling in planes or at high altitudes, due to the air pressure build-up in the ear. Chewing gum during such occasions can help release the air from the ear, thus reducing ear pain instantly.


10. Whitens teeth

There are varieties of chewing gum that whiten and brighten the surface of your teeth.  Also, chomping on sugarless chewing gum 20min after meals can prevent tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis.



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