Sugar-Free Chocolate for Diabetics

“Don’t say goodbye

To heavenly divine chocolates

Which are sugar-free to

Throw diabetes!”

Is sugar free chocolate for diabetics healthy or not?

Yes, it is!

When you indulge in the diabetes diet, the ultimate question to ask is… Whether can we add chocolate or not.

A diabetic eating chocolate may be shocking but let’s break the myth that you need to stop eating chocolate because the fact says something contrary.

It’s an illusion that you can’t consume chocolate if you have diabetes. You can eat chocolate in a balanced method or there are chocolates specially invented for diabetes that is called as “sugar-free chocolate”.

If you have diabetes, just eat chocolate in moderation, and try not to eat a lot in one go as it affects your blood sugar levels.

As per the research published on Nov-2017- Issues of the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, the compounds found in cocoa called cocoa flavanols to help the ability of certain cells to control insulin, the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar.

Reason to Add Chocolate in Diabetes Plan!

Reason to Add Chocolate in Diabetes Plan

Dark chocolate includes polyphenols compound which has antioxidant features that help in the improvement of insulin sensitivity. As per the research of Endocrine Abstracts, this compound regulates blood glucose.

Chocolate has immense health benefits, has flavonoids which prevent heart disease too. All you need to do is pick the dark chocolate which contains 70% cocoa. The reason is that it has a strong flavor compared to milk chocolate bars so you end up eating only a few bites.

Eating dark chocolate regularly has positive results on insulin sensitivity and blood glucose which are the two main factors in developing diabetes. Before jumping to conclusions, you have to learn some facts about chocolates.

The Best Sugar Free Chocolate for Diabetics

The Best Sugar-Free Chocolate for Diabetics

    • low sugar content
    • Must Contain 70% cocoa
    • Contains carbs per serving around 15 to 30 g 

You may wonder which is the best chocolate for diabetes? The answer is the dark chocolate with stevia. This is the only chocolate which never increases the blood sugar level. People with diabetes can eat this chocolate which is also a blessing for chocolate lovers.

Amazing Steps to Pick Diabetic-Friendly Dark Chocolate

Chocolate and desserts can be consumed by those who have diabetes. We come across so many mouth watery advertisements of chocolates which melts our hearts. You just can’t resist and end up eating chocolate. 

  1. Cocoa level in chocolate– there is dark chocolate they simply name it as” dark” which doesn’t mean that is good for diabetes. Pick the dark chocolate with 70% cocoa or more.
  2. Check out the Sugar content to reduce the carb level– all chocolates contain carbs. For diabetes, try to consume the carbs around 15-30 grams. 
  3. Be Cautious about hidden sugar content– Avoid chocolate with caramel, you can’t take more than 8gram of sugar per ounce or 28 gram of chocolate bar.
  4. Go for sugar- free cocoa powder or cacao nibs– These are natural sugary products that provide the same flavor as chocolate but without the carbs.

What Kind of Chocolate Can You Have

What Kind of Chocolate Can You Have-

Diabetic people can eat chocolate in moderation. The list of chocolates which are diabetic friendly

  • Dark chocolate is a great option because of its heart-healthy nutrients.
  • Cocoa contained chocolates.
  • Chocolate with stevia
  • dark chocolate that has Malitol

Having diabetes doesn’t mean that you ruin your normal food routine! You still can enjoy chocolates and desserts. But, you should follow a proper diabetes diet plan as advised by the diabetes specialist. Adding sugar free chocolate for diabetes will help you lead a better life.