Once the enamel of your teeth comes off there is no way that it can be replaced.There are a number of things that you do that can chip off the enamel. And these might be just everyday normal acts that seem harmless.

Here are 7 everyday habits that are ruining the enamel :

1)    Opening wrappers with teeth

We all are guilty of doing this at least once in our lives. From chip bags to candy wrappers, we’ve all had to use our teeth to open packages when scissors aren’t around. But for the sake of your health, avoid doing this and take the extra time it takes to find other tools.
Opening wrappers with teeth
2)    Grinding your teeth

Some people naturally grind out of anxiety. When you grind your teeth back and forth, it can wear them down, as can clenching. Grinding also wears down the enamel that can give more room for tooth decay to develop.

Grinding your teeth

3)     Chewing on pens or other stuff

When we are lost in thought we sometimes get the urge to bite or chew on stuff like pens, bottle caps and the like. But such biting can ruin the enamel.

Chewing pen

4)    Piercings

Piercings on the tongue, check or areas in and around the mouth can scrape against your teeth and lead to worn enamel.

5)    Smoking

Smoking is harmful for one’s health. It not only is the main contributing factor for life threatening diseases it can also ruin your teeth, yet again giving you another reason to nip the habit.
It can give stains on your teeth that look bad and unappealing, apart from the fact that they can make your teeth more vulnerable to damaging bacteria that cause erosion of enamel.


6)    Over whitening

The excessive use of whitening products may wear out the enamel in your teeth. Do not forget to ask your dentist about the whitening treatment before you start it and see if it is safe for your teeth.

Over whitening your teeth

7)    Medications

Some medications, especially those that are loaded with sugar and antihistamines that can lead to dry mouth which can in turn lead to tooth decay and worn tooth enamel.


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